Zohar The classic document of the Jewish Cabalistic tradition compiled by Moses de Leon about 1290. Check www.kabbalah.com for additional information and a sample text.

Zoroto Bely might be trying to contrast the golden sun to the spirit of evil. the Sun Demon according to Steiner and called in German "Sorat." See Apocalypse 13: 11-18, and Steiner's, Die Apokalypse des Johannes, Gesamtausgabe 104 (Dornach: 1985).

gold Russian [zoloto] from Indo-European root *ghel Cf. Pokorny, (I, 429).

Rhodes (Greek: Rodhos), a large Greek island whose capital city, Rhodes, is the site of the ancient Colossus of Rhodes (one of the Seven Wonders of the world).

rosebush Russian [rozovnik]

Rodoessa Greek "of roses."

rus-sur...Mann (1103) rus- is red, redness. Latin russus English rust. See Pokorny (I, 872) for the root reudh- red *uerdh- eredh- standing, rising. What about red color? Other English words russet-reddish brown color, rusa or roosa an oil made from rusa grass. Latin russus is red. In Greek rodes. Also see rhododendron.

rusios?? Latin russus=red; English rouse = red.

rouge is French "red."

Bely again moves from the Indo European root to ancient Rus in a leap of poetic symbolization, but the root for "Rus" is still a matter of some controversy.