primal beginnings, no archangels, angels . . .Thrones We find in the OED under the listing for "order": Each of the nine ranks or grades of angels, according to medieval angelology. Also, any analogous class of spiritual or demonic beings. The nine orders of angels are enumerated first in the Pseudo-Dionysius (4th c.), according to which there are three hierarchies, each including three orders: these are seraphim, cherubim, thrones; dominations, principalities, powers; virtues, archangels, angels. (The names are derived from the mention of cherubim and seraphim in the O.T., and from words used by St. Paul in enumerating things in heaven and in the earth, in Coloss. i. 16, Ephes. i. 21.)

Note that Steiner uses these classifications in his description of the creation of the world: Archai, Urbeginne. In the English translation this is rendered as "Primal Beginnings" corresponding to Principalities in the above list. The Principalities-Primal Beginnings-Archai are Spirits of Personality. Archangels are Spirits of Fire,

Thrones are Spirits of Will. See Occult Science, 125.

beginning of the Primal Beginnings Russian [nachalo Nachal]. Bely will exploit the double meaning of this Russian word.

Saturn Saturn.[ad. L. Saturnus, perh. f. the root sa- to sow.]1. Mythol. An Italic god, in the original native religion the god of agriculture, but in classical times identified with the Greek Cronos, who was deposed from the sovereignty of the gods by his son Zeus (Jupiter). OED Saturn also plays a key role in the development of the universe according to Steiner's cosmology.

Occult Science-An Outline Die Geheimwissenschaft im Umriss. 1910. Steiner presents his theory for the creation of the universe describing the stages of Saturn, Sun, Moon and Earth, as well as the still to come Jupiter. (these designations of stages of development are not to be confused with the current planets). For my references in English I use Rudolf Steiner, An Outline of Occult Science, trans. Maud and Henry Monges, rev. Lisa D. Monges (Anthroposophic Press, 1972).