I am-- not ignorant: not a barbarian; I'm-- just not a Helene; I'm -- a Scythian "No ancient Greek ever thought of learning a foreign language. Why should he? He divided the whole world into Greeks and Barbarians,. . . the Greeks called the barbarians, Aglossoi, or speechless. (Müller, Lectures 89-90). The concept of Scythian has long history of association with the wild-eastern mentality. See the poem by Alexander Blok, The Scythians. The collection, Scythians (Skify), in which Bely participated has a discussion of Helenes and Scythians.

crazy truth/the wild way it was Russian [istina] is linked in Preobrazhensky (273-274) to the word for "searching [iskat'] as well as to the sense of "being" or "standing," thus something "real" or "genuine."