thunder Russian [grom] can mean "thunder." It is related by sound to the Russian word for "enormous" [ogromnyj]. Also ghromos "roaring, raging" (Mann, 340, Pokorny, I, 458). See also the English word "cram." This word is related to Greek chromos.

concept Russian [ponyatie]

conceptual Russian [ponyatijnyj]

sound Russian [zvuchaschij]

term The Russian word for a technical term [termin] is used disparagingly by Bely as early as 1909 in an article entitled "The Magic of Words" (Magiya slov).(Reprinted in the collection of articles in Symbolism (Simvolizm,1910). Bely distinguishes between "living words" and those that have become "terms," i.e. where the connection between sound and sense has been lost. "When I name an object with a word, I affirm its existence." (429). The creative word is the incarnated word (the word is flesh). The word-term is a bare bone.(434).