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Preface to the Online Edition

The digitization of Glenn Andres' Walking History of Middlebury was conceived as a collaborative project between the Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History and Middlebury College Library and Information Services providing online access to an easily updated and more completely illustrated version of this popular local resource. The Sheldon Museum Board of the Trustees granted permission to reconceive A Walking History in digital format at the recommendation of Middlebury College Librarian and Vermont Collection Curator Hans Raum, who framed the project as part of a broad digitization initiative focused on materials of local and regional interest. A Walking History of Middlebury is the second published work, after H. P. Smith's History of Middlebury, digitized and hosted by Middlebury College Library and Information Services.

This online edition of A Walking History includes over a hundred new illustrations from the collections of the Stewart-Swift Research Center at the Sheldon Museum, the Middlebury College Archives, and other sources, and an updated section describing the Middlebury College campus, which has undergone significant changes since 1997. Street numbers for buildings in town have been updated in accordance with the 911 emergency readdressing program that took place in 1999. Revisions and additions to the text of the online edition were made by Glenn Andres.

In the process of illustrating the online edition of the Walking History, a digital image archive was created comprising more than two hundred images of historic Middlebury linked to complete metadata records. The collection provides an extraordinary view of Middlebury in the second half of the nineteenth and first half of twentieth centuries, a period during which changing economic conditions, population growth and decline, and fires and floods necessitated countless reconstructions and renovations. The collection is hosted by Middlebury College and accessible via the online catalog. A link also appears at the top right corner of each of these pages.

Thanks are due to Suzanne Douglas, Librarian at the Stewart-Swift Research Center, and her team of patient and knowledgeable volunteers, especially Nancy Rucker and Joann Langrock, and to Andrew Wentink, Special Collections Librarian at Middlebury College, and Danielle Rougeau, Special Collections Assistant. Lee Perlow of the Middlebury College Geography Department and Seth Raphael of the Center for Educational Technology deserve credit for guiding the re-creation of the map. Most importantly, thanks to Glenn Andres for supporting the project and supplying advice and feedback, as well as many of the illustrations that appear in the College section.

Anne Callahan
Digital Projects Intern
Middlebury College, March 2005

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