Virtual Tour :: The Art of the Dance Card

The dance cards in this display are a selection from the holdings of the Middlebury College Archives and the personal collection of Curator Andrew Wentink. They reflect the importance of dance throughout the college community from the late 1800s through the 1940s and represent the efforts of student organizations and clubs, Greek societies, and college administration.

Click on the titles of dance cards to view them in greater detail. Each card will open in a separate window.

El carnabal espanol, 1931, 1932
Junior Prom, 1908, 1933
Soph Hop, 1927, 1930
Phi Mu, 1930, 19xx

introduction :: the art of the dance card :: the yearly round of dances :: winter carnival
the turning point: dance in american fiction :: a dance to remember: emma hart seymour and philip battell