William P. Peterson

Department of Mathematics
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753-6145

(802) 443-5417 Office
(802) 443-2080 FAX

My research interests are in Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes.
I completed my doctoral work in Operations Research (now part of MS&E)
at Stanford University, specializing in heavy traffic limit theorems for queueing
networks. My dissertation advisor was J. Michael Harrison.

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2016-17 Courses

 Fall 2016

  MATH 121AB: Calculus I


  MATH 310A: Probability

 Spring 2017

  MATH 200C: Linear Algebra


  MATH 410A: Stochastic Processes

The CHANCE Project

CHANCE is a case study course that introduces probability and statistics in the context of current news stories. Working with J. Laurie Snell and a project team at Dartmouth College , I collaborated on an electronic database of materials for teaching the course:

The CHANCE Database

In 2005, our longtime newsletter, Chance News, was reconfigured as a Wiki, where you are invited to view contributions from other readers or add new posts of your own. Since 2010, the Wiki has been hosted at CAUSEweb, and edited by Jeanne Albert and me at Middlebury.


A story about the course appeared in Chance Magazine, Summer-Fall 1992.


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