I don't have the time to make a great page right now but you might find some of this stuff helpful. EVERYONE needs to write an article, 250-300 words, by Monday 16th (that's next week!).




Abigail B Vacanti

Censorship and the film Lolita

Brent Boscarino

Review: Waterboy

Kirk Hoffman

Some Italian film…

Jamie Yi & Jon Carr

Simon Birch and A Prayer for Owen Meany

Mike Cordaro

Psycho remake for December: lack of good original ideas in Hollywood?




Soldier's Daughter Never Dies


 At the theater:

Antz, Bride of Chucky, Night at the Roxbury, Vampires, Practical Magic, Ronin, Soldier, What Dreams May Come, Rush Hour, Beloved, Waterboy, Pleasantville, Apt Pupil, I still Know What You Did Last Summer, Meet Joe Black and Pecker. For more suggestions visit:



Box Office #


Hoyts Cinema 9

10 Fayette Rd, Burlington


$5.00 mat.,

$7.75 even.

Hoyts Nickelodeon

222 College, Burlington


$5.00 mat.,

$7.75 even.

Hoyts Ethan Allen

1170 North Ave., Ethan Allen Shopping Center, Burlington



Hoyts Showcase 5

1216 Williston Rd, Burlington



Hoyts' Movie Guide




Marquis Theater

Main St, Middlebury




 Here are some deadlines:

Monday 16th of November- Last day to hand in your articles! WRITE THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR!!!!

Monday 23rd of November- Layout of Magazine complete. Send to printers.

Friday 4th/Monday 7th of December- Distribute.


 Couple more things:

1) Please email me ( your topics before you write about them so that we don't double up.

2) Shoot for approximately 250-300 words. If you can't write that much on your subject, that's fine. Email me what you have but it might not get used. If you write more, even better.

3) We're looking for at least 15 articles, so please count on writing one in the next two weeks. Remember, if you can't make it out to a theater it's not a big deal, just write about something!


We will definitely have another meeting before the 23rd so that we can all take a look at the magazine on the computer. Again, please contribute something and remember to keep your ticket stub so that you can get reimbursed. You have to want it for it to happen!

talk to you soon,

Nick Mitchell x4370