clap.stomp (2010)

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From the revved-up beats of track one, a cover of Cake's instrumental "Arco Arena," to the last smooth and soulful note of "Sweetest Girl," the potency of Stuck In the Middle's third studio album marks this record as a breakthrough for the group. Featuring the energizing "Jai Ho," which was selected to appear on the Voices Only A Cappella 2010 compilation album, as well as a music video special feature of "Disarm" from SIM's last album, Melophonophobia, clap.stomp. is testament to the group's success since its founding in 2002.

This selection of feel-good, rock-out songs from the 80s ("Thriller," "I Melt With You," "Tarzan Boy"), feeling and sensitive tunes from Josh Groban and Howie Day, as well as the latest in pop music (Timbaland, Chris Cornell, Rascal Flatts) establishes Stuck In the Middle as a college a cappella group that, despite the cliché, is here to stay.

Recorded by Liquid 5th in 2009-2010 at Middlebury College, Vt.

Track List
Track samples coming soon. Check out our Facebook page for videos and other media in the meantime.

1. Arco Arena (Cake)
2. Jai Ho (from the 2008 feature film Slumdog Millionaire) *Featured on Voices Only A Cappella 2010
3. Thriller (Michael Jackson) **Featured on Liquid 5th studio's compilation Rhyme & Reason
4. Apologize (Timbaland)
5. You Know My Name (Chris Cornell)
6. Collide (Howie Day)
7. I Melt With You (Modern English)
8. This Everyday Love (Rascal Flatts)
9. Lullaby (Josh Groban)
10. Tarzan Boy (Baltimora)
11. Sweetest Girl (Wyclef Jean ft. Akon)

From the inside cover: This album is stuck in the middle (SIM)'s third album. "clap.stomp." is about the feeling you get from belting out your favorite song in the shower or whistling that tune you can't get our of your head. It's about the raw energy and exuberance of singing and moving unencumbered. That's our kind of acappella. We believe deeply in the fun of singing as if no one is watching. So go ahead and join us -- snap your fingers, bob your head, clap your hands, and stomp your feet to some of our favorite tunes.


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