Computer Science 214 (CX 214):

Data Structures - Spring 2003


Bob Martin, Warner 502B, 443-5923


Office hours: Tu, W, Th 1:00-2:30, and by appointment


CX 121 or its equivalent.

Class Meetings

MWF 11:15-12:05 in WNS 202


Java Structures (Second Edition), Duane Bailey, McGraw-Hill, 2003


Web Sites

Our Text's Web Page at McGraw-Hill
Our Text's Web Page at the Author's Site
The Java Development Kit


1/3 Midterm + 1/3 Final + 1/3 Homework.
The midterm will be on Monday, March 17 (during class).
The final exam is scheduled for ***day May ** from 7 - 10 pm, Warner 202.

Honor Code

The work you submit must be the result of your own individual effort. You may discuss how to solve homework problems with other students but when it comes to the actual writing of programs or problem sets, your work must be your own. You must write your own solutions without having someone telling you what to write or copying the work of someone else. In particular, you should never have a copy of someone elses work in your possession, either electronically or on paper. It is also your own responsibility to protect your work from unauthorized access by others.

Exams and quizzes, of course, must be entirely your own work.

Course Syllabus