Electronic Music (Music 212)

Middlebury College – Professor Hamlin

Spring, 2019


Class lecture (MAC 221): 9:30-10:45 a.m., MAC 221

Labs (Electronic Music Studio, MAC 210): Tuesday, 11 (212w); Tuesday at 1:30 (212x); Thursday at 1:55, (212y)

Class SoundCloud Page


Projects and Quizzes

PowerPoints used in class will contain the information for the quizzes.

3/5 – Quiz 1
3/5 – Project 1 due

3/21 – Quiz 2
3/22 – Project 2 due

(Spring Break)

4/18 – Quiz 3
4/22 – Project 3 due

5/2 – Quiz 4
Project 4 due no later than Monday, May 20, 9 am.

A small sub-project will be due every Tuesday before class.

Lecture Topics/Guests

Unit I – Sound/Timbre/Effects/Basic Mixing

2/12-2/28 – Acoustics, frequency/pitch, timbre/spectrum/harmonics, human hearing, microphone/recording techniques, using Live, effects
2/14 – Composer Carlos Simon
2/28 – Multi-media artist/composer Ben Houge

Unit II – MIDI/Synthesis/Rhythm/Melody

3/5-3/21 – Synthesis techniques, Rhythm, Melody
3/14 – Rapper/Producer Dwayne Scott

Unit III – Production/Harmony/Form

4/2-4/18 – Advanced Effects, Harmony, Musical Form

Unit IV – Mastering

4/23-5/9 –Mastering, Collaboration, Interactivity, Multimedia


(All projects are due before 9:30 a.m. on the given date unless otherwise specified. Obviously this means you really should hand it in the night before, and you have until morning if you run into problems. In technology, it's very unwise to hand things in at the last minute!)


Project 1

Create a sound collage. Use sounds you recorded yourself, do not depend on metrical rhythm or traditional musical harmonies and melodies but focus on the pure sound of your recordings. Use effects, use animation, use panning and volume controls. Don't use looping techniques.

Project 2

Create a short composition using only a drumkit made up of original sounds you recorded and melodies, pads and bass lines created with Serum. Focus on melodic and rhythmic interest. Craft your mix, and, as always, use automation.

Project 3

Create a longer composition in at least 3 formal sections using key changes. You can use any synths/instruments/packs in Ableton. Please do not use premade loops or audio clips – all musical elements should be performed by you. As always, use automation, pay attention to the mix (volume, panning, effects, etc.) Pay special attention to the harmonic element and form of the piece.

Project 4

Creat a multimedia and/or collaborative project.


Peter Hamlin

Office: Mahaney Center for the Arts 315*

Email: phamlin@middlebury.edu

Class Schedule:

Tuesday Thursday
9:30-10:45 am Lecture (mca221) Lecture (mca221)
11-11:50 am Lab W (mca210) Office Hour (mca315*)
1:30-2:20 pm Lab X (mca210)
1:55-2:45 pm Lab Y (mca210)
3-4 Office Hour (mca315*)

*(If I'm not in my office during office hours, check the lab – I might be tending to something there.)