Outdoor Emergency Care

Fall 2011


**All Classes are held in Bihall 216, Sundays from 6-9 pm,
unless otherwise noted**

   Friday, Sept. 16th Campus Activities Fair


               Sunday, Sept. 18th Info Session Bi-Hall 216 @ 6 pm


Sunday, Sept. 25th: Ch. 1 (Intro to OEC), 2 (Intro to Emergency Care Systems), 3 (Rescue Basics), 8 (Medical Communication) (BSI Practical)


Sunday, Oct. 2nd: Ch. 6 (Human Anatomy and Physiology), 7 (Patient Assessment), 9 (Airway Management)
Practical: Trauma Patient Assessment


Sunday, Oct. 9: Ch. 10 (Shock Management), 13 (Respiratory Emergencies), 15 (Cardiovascular Emergencies)
Practical: Oxygen


   Saturday, Oct. 15th Parents weekend event at the Bowl


Sunday, Oct. 16: Ch. 17 (Principles of Trauma), 19 (Burns), 20 (Musculoskeletal Injuries)
Practical: Arms and Shoulders


    Sunday, Oct. 23: NO CLASS FALL BREAK


              Sunday, Oct. 30: Ch. 11 (Altered Mental Status), 12 (Substance Abuse and Poisoning), 14 (Allergies and Anaphylaxis), 34 (OB/GYN Emergencies), exam review
Practical: Medical Patient Assessment


  Wednesday, Nov. 2:


 Saturday, Nov. 5: MIDTERM EXAM


Sunday, Nov. 6: Ch. 25 (Cold Emergencies), 26 (Heat Emergencies), 27 (Plants and Animals), 28 (Altitude Emergencies), 29 (Water Emergencies)

Practical: Lower Leg


Sunday, Nov. 13: Ch. 18 (Soft Tissue Injuries), 22 (Face, Eye and Throat Injuries), 24 (Abdomen and Pelvic Trauma)
Practical: Blood and Impaled Objects


               Friday, Nov. 18th MSP Film “La Niña”
                                                    trailer here


Sunday, Nov. 20: Ch. 21 (Head and Spine Injuries), 23 (Thoracic Trauma)
Practical: Spinal Stabilization


              Sunday, Nov. 27 (Thanksgiving weekend): Ch. 4 (Incident Command and Triage), 5 (Lifts, Loads and Transportation), exam review


Sunday, Dec. 4: Ch. 30 (Pediatrics), 31 (Geriatrics), 32 (Outdoor Adaptive Athletes), 33 (Behavioral Emergencies)


  Wednesday, Dec. 6: FINAL EXAM REVIEW SESSION Bi Hall 219


  Saturday, Dec 10: FINAL EXAM Bi Hall 216