Welcome to NearNumbers.net!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the MAA Seaway Conference this fall at Plattsburgh; I've posted a slightly extended complete version of the "Animating Convergence" talk on YouTube for anyone interested in revisiting or seeing the rest of it. The derivative and integral animations are now posted online, as well as those for convergence and divergence of sequences (the latter two are updated versions from those used in the talk). Please enjoy the animations, and I'm on sabbatical for this academic year, so I'm all ears and should have time to respond to any comments, questions, complaints, etc.; thanks again for a great experience in Plattsburgh, it was a lot of fun!

For a formal introduction to the system of near-numbers, please browse the article; it was the start of all of this, but things have evolved quite a bit over the intervening years, so I'll eventually write something a little more recent (particularly regarding the "star" and indeterminacy).

What are near-numbers for, and why should you spend any time reading these pages? Please see the introduction and mission statement!

Looking for something to play with, or some visual aids to use in the instruction of limits? Please see the interactive animations page...