Near-Number Symbol Fonts (TrueType, PS Type 1, LaTeX/MetaFont)

The TrueType and Type 1 near-number fonts include the following symbols (along with various other symbols; the full font map is available here):
• The dotted plus, minus, and plus-minus symbols (encoded as {, }, and |)
• Undotted plus, minus, and plus-minus symbols matching those above (encoded as [, ], and \)
• The near-number star symbol (encoded as *)
• A plain dot symbol (encoded as .)
• Union, intersection, and empty set symbols (encoded as u, i, and 0)
• Rightward, leftward, and bidirectional arrows (encoded as <, >, and =), and "mapsto" symbol (encoded as M)
For the TrueType font, simply drag the font to your computer's font folder to install; the new font will be named "NearNumber Symbol". The Type 1 (PS) font description files are contained within a zip file; extract this file and do with the files whatever is appropriate for your operating system.

Near-number symbols for use within LaTeX documents are provided within this zip file. Included are the LaTeX package file, the associated Metafont sources, and an example of a LaTeX document using the available symbols.