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Road Stories: Living Gay in Russia

American journalists meet some gay Russians in Novosibirsk! Illustrated cyber-story.

David Tuller's Cracks in the Iron Closet

An very interesting book that combines Russian gay history, an account of the gay rights movement of the early nineties, and a personal encounter with Russian sexuality.

Alexander Kukharsky's article Gay Pride And Russian Prejudice

A take on the current situation by the head of the St. Petersburg gay group Kryl'ja (named after Kuzmin's novel Wings). Kukharsky also has some vicious comments on David Tuller's book.





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Ed Mishin's

Simply the best: very thorough and informative! There's even an interview with the author of this page...

Vitaly Lazarenko's Maneuvers

Including information on Viktiuk and Hot Russian Soldiers. Vitaly did a number of photos for Out of the Blue.

Vlad Yurkun's Yurkuniada

Gay erotic stories in Russian.

Vadim Temkin's Russian Gay Life Pages

Last updated 1997. Many parts of this site require KOI8 fonts.

Kremlin Tours'Gay Russia Page

Commercial and other information: tours, bars, accommodations, models (try clicking on them!). Much seems to be permanently under construction and outdated. English and Russian.

Natalie Gamolsky's Russian Queer World

Another site with various kinds of information in both languages and a BBS. (Warning: this site often crashes my computer)

The League

A gay/lesbian group in Irkutsk!

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