KLO Change Log

Alpha version 0.55:
  • Knots (and Seifert, polynomial, and hyperbolic invariants thereof).
  • Copying of mathematical expressions as TeX, code, or html.
  • Export of diagrams as PDF figures.
Alpha version 0.5:
  • Implemented proper treatment of 1-handles, including handle-slides, introduction or cancellation of dual 1-handle/2-handle pairs, and surgery (swapping a 0-framed 2-handle for a 1-handle and vice-versa).
Alpha version 0.4:
  • More robust triangulation of diagrams for circle-packing (loose ends and 1-cuts now ok).
  • Optimization of circle-packing.
  • Free ±1 blowups now work as with other blowups, allowing positioning of the new component.
  • A few fixups made to scaling and positioning of diagrams.
  • "Fit" button added to complement the "Refresh" button.
Alpha version 0.32:
  • Fixed bug in saving of diagrams with a free loop.
Alpha version 0.31:
  • Implemented export of manifold to SnapPea/SnapPy triangulation.
  • Started the [Invariant] menu with computation of linking form signatures.
Alpha version 0.3: improvements to sketch and edit modes:
  • Clicking the Sketch or Edit mode buttons now enabled, allowing modification of diagrams once drawn.
  • It is now possible to go [Back] to Sketch mode after processing (and to [Cancel] a handle-slide or blow up).
  • In Edit mode, crossings can be reversed by clicking them, and the direction of bands can be switched by clicking their arrowheads.
  • When navigating back to the sketch of a handle-slide or blowup, the relevant band or slice can be clicked to effect the move (just for completeness, since the move is performed for you automatically after sketching).

Also, the [Delete] key is now enabled for the Mac version in Sketch mode (sorry, hadn't realized that Qt calls it [Backspace] on the Mac).
Initial alpha version 0.2