Directions to Breadloaf Campus (NOT the main campus - here is a campus map) : Located in west-central Vermont on Rte. 125, the Breadloaf campus is a 2 1/2-3 hour drive from Montreal, about 3 1/2 - 4 hours from both Boston and Hartford, 5 hours from New York City, and 6 1/2 hours from Philadelphia. The campus is easily identified by the bright yellow color of its buildings. If you choose to fly, Burlington International Airport is 70 minutes from the Breadloaf campus and is served by Continental, Delta, Jet Blue, Northwest, United, and USAirways.

Over the rainbow Mapquest map for Ripton, VT


1. From Amherst College - 3 .5 hours North. Take 91N to 103N to Rt 7N to Rt125 E.

2. From Boston- Approximately 4 hours. For places inside Route 128 (including the airport , the South Shore, and Cape Cod), take 93N to 89N to 107W to 100N to 125W.

3. From Bowdoin College - presents several options. Generally - 5.5 to 6 hours West. If you are looking for speed (5 hours West), the best bet is: I 95S, 4W, I 393, 93S, I 89N, 107W, 100N, 125W.

4. From Burlington International Airport - Approximately 70 minutes. Exit left from the airport parking area and follow signs to I 189. From I 189, take Route 7 through Middlebury Village and continue to 125 E.

5. From Colby College - 6.5 hours for the northern route - Take 201N to 2W to I-89N to 100S to 125W.

5. From Dartmouth College - 1 1/2 hours West. Take I 91S to I 89 N to 107W (Exit 3) to 100N to 125W.

6. From Hamilton College - 4.5 hours East. Take 12N from Utica N.Y. to I 90E to I 87N to 149E to 4E to (please see mapquest here) 30N to 116N to 125E.

7. From Montreal - 2.5 hours South. Canadian 133S to I 89 S to I 189 S to 7S (through the village of Middlebury) to 125E.

8. From New York City via Albany - (NYC is 5 hours, Albany is 2.5 hours). I 87N Exit 20 to 149E to 4E to (please see mapquest here) 30N to 116N to 125E.

9. From Wesleyan via Hartford, CT - 4.5 hours North. I 91N to 103N to 7N to 125E.

10. From Williams College - 2.75 hours North on Route 7N to 125E.

11. From Yale University - 4.5 hours North. Take I 91N to 103N to 7N to 125E.

12. From Hinesburg, Vermont - Take 116 S to 125E. How long? - well it depends upon how fast you drive.