I do the bulk of my formal advising in Political Science and International Politics and Economics.

Advising Requests
I am generally happy to serve as an academic advisor in either PS or IP&E. (I think I can also advise in International Studies, although I have not yet done so!) Interested students should drop by my office hours with the following:
  • their academic transcript
  • the major declaration form
  • their plans for completing the General College Requirements
  • a rough list of planned courses
  • an overview study abroad & foreign language plans

Reference Requests
My advisees are welcome to list me as a reference in their applications. Other students I know may do so as well, but they should notify me in advance before they do so.

I am happy to write letters of reference upon request. Students desiring letters of reference should request them with at least two weeks’ advance notice. As my schedule becomes tighter, this requirement becomes increasingly important. I want to do a good job on these letters, and having enough lead time is essential pursuant to that.

When requesting a letter, please include the following:
  • your name and the course(s) we have had together. Please list each term and year. Please also list the periods for which you have worked for me.
  • a single document listing every reference request, its deadline, and instructions on how to submit the reference. If the recommendation needs to be mailed, please include the mailing address. For online submission systems, just list “Online -- Automated Email Coming.”
  • a copy of their personal statement and/or an explanation of why they are pursuing the opportunity in question
  • a copy of their CV

Please wait until you can send all of this information in a single email. Please use the subject line “Reference Request” in that email. (Please still give me two weeks’ notice before the first deadline, however. That’s the most important thing.)

As you can imagine, I tend to get a large number of reference requests around the same time of year--typically near the end of fall term. (Getting 25 emails from those assholes at ApplyYourself.com--assholes because they give me a new login for each letter!--is a small slice of chaos as it is. My sentiments exactly.) Following these specifications not only makes my life easier, but it increases the time I have to work on the letter and reduces the possibility that I’ll miss a deadline.

Holiday Party
My wife Maggie and I have begun the tradition of hosting a small holiday party for the participants in my senior seminar and my advisees. I hope that getting to spend an evening with Maggie and my two daughters will help to offset having to spend the rest of the year with me!

Rather than subjecting my students to the same monologues again and again, I have developed several “guides” that students might find helpful. These guides are available via the links to the right.