This is a very abbreviated list of salient type features which can help the neophyte user identify type and date of a plane. For more detail see Walter in the Typology section at the end. I compiled this short list after some hours poring over the details in Walter, which can be confusing at first.

Type 1-4 are Collectors' items and will probably not be used on the bench because of value. Value is in the range $100- 600 roughly. These are in the "Prelateral Class", identified initially by the lack of the lateral adjustment lever. For users, the lateral adjustment is essential of course. (Users will find two essential things, the Lateral Lever and the Frog Adjustment Screw on Type 10 l907-09 and later, but check newer looking planes (WWII Type 17 +) to be sure they have the Frog adj. screw, which may be lacking. )

Type 5 l885-8 First appearance of the letters "NO 4" on toe, letters close together. This is the first appearance of the lateral lever, stamped 2 8 76 and 1- 21 84. It has Stanley on the lever, with a straight bar across, not a disc as later models, to move the blade sidewise.

Type 6 l888-90 Lateral lever first has the disc. Slides noticeably lower,, the toe marking No 4 has a larger spacing but not one inch as later models

Type 7. l893-99 Bailey's name not on adjustment nut. Marking letters on toe "NO. 4" is now one inch between.

Type 8 1893-9 No BAILEY on adj. nut. Lateral lever has only one pat. date "7 24 88".

Type 9 l900-02 On toe: NO 4 at top, below the screw hole BAILEY's name at toe. BAILEY is at toe, behind the knob are the chars. "NO 4".

Type 10 l907-09 Now has frog adjustment screw. to move the frog and make a fine throat adjustment. Important, and all models have this until WW II period.

Type 11 l910-18 On casting behind frog Apr. 19 10 is added, and these three patent dates continue on many later models. Also this has low knob.

Type 12 l9l9-24 High front knob. Adjust nut is now larger than all previous models, at 1 1/4 in.. Lever cap edges not rounded and the locking lever has less radius.

Type 13 l925-8 Stanley logo in box on cap with square corner cutouts.

Type 14 l929-30 Front casting: Bailey at top, Around the knob is NO -- 4, at toe MADE IN USA.

Type 15 l931-2 On bed behind frog MADE IN USA

Type 16 l933-41 STANLEY on blade with square cutout logo. Kidney shaped hole on caps identifies this model.

Type 17 l942-5 Wartime. Adj. nut is steel or plastic. SOME lack the frog adjustment and kidney hole.

Type 18 l946-7 Black painted handle. Adjustment nut has a diagonal knurl.

Type 19 l948-61 Letter on lateral lever reads down the lever, not sideways stamped as before.

Type 20 l962-7 Lever adjustment to advance blade is now two piece stamped steel, not a casting as before.

William Harris
Prof. Em. Middlebury College