Here is a piece which I made many years ago, which you can see under the previous sculpture section in a gallery setting as it was shown in l968 in Massachusetts. This is the same piece now in my garden, from which I have the original drawings and dimensions, so it is available as a replica copy. The piece is about 48" tall, on a 20" by 34 " base, standing lifted off the grass by about four inches . Finish is bright lacquer or enamel buffed to a perfect light reflection, which varies with ambient light throughout the day. I have always had an affection for this piece which possesses a certain lyric lightness, which is probably why I always thought of it as a garden piece named Tulip in Red. Color should be red but there are other possibilities, including stainless steel in a matte finish ! Cost depends on the fabricators, but since I work in Vermont with local craftspersons, it can be kept within reason. It is available. and if interested, we can discuss.

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