SCULPTURE: Tall Towers

This piece stands ten foot tall, it is composed with four inch right angled heavy gauge steel segments, welded and ground smooth before the application of various layers of primer and paint. The surface is in bright aluminum paint, which is not a true paint in the basic sense at all, since it is actually a weather resistant varnish into which minute platelets of aluminum are mixed. These float to the surface as soon as applied, and give a bright appearance, with excellent weather and UV resistance, an ideal bright industrial finish which does not have the weathering characteristics of most paints. This bright finish is striking against the verdure of summer, but makes these pieces very hard to photograph. This picture does not show detail and shadow well, later I will be able to get some betters enlarged pictures of this piece.

Standing on a five inchsquare "foot" it escalates upward quickly, but pauses at eye level with a change of shape and a surprising see-through section poised on only three slim rods, before going up again. The top two sections are perforated in the manner of industrial beams to save weight, but in this case the perforations are placed there as negative free-form cutouts which let you see through to the blue sky above.

The Base is always a problem for sculpture, and many sculptors try to remove the base entirely. This piece stands nicely on a short round cast base which gives about ten inch elevation, but it can be buried in the earth to disappear and by being buried it can provide even more stability against wind and jarring..

Incidentally,because of the linear shape this is a shipable piece of work, it is easily crated and ships common carrier or by car trailer. I supply a mold for the base which can be filled with concrete on site, or I can ship the heavy cast form as well. I can provide better enlarged photos with more detail later. This view is aluminum coating on steel, which will be color-stable for years and easily repaintable with spray equipment. The piece can also be made up in stainless steel, which is extremely attractive, but at a higher cost.

This piece is shown here against this summer's row of sweet corn guarded against raccoons by an electric wire and I feel it is as natural an object in a yard or lawn as a fence, a bush or a fruit-tree. Sculpture is personal and much more at home outdoors than in a gallery setting, under artificial light in a silenced museum atmosphere. This piece is available.

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