If you have any pictures to send for questions, please be sure they are compressed to 70k or less. Large ones from your digicam tie up my slow line endlessly. Thanks.

OLD TOOLS --- September 08

Useful Rare and Curious

September 08 but things move, check with me....

William Harris
262 Duffany Road
Shoreham, VT 05770
(802 897 8625)

Over the years I collected handtools for my own use, but I find I have far more handtools than I need , and understanding that you can't take it with you, I decided it is a good time to sell. For anything that you want to order, reach me back EMAIL to check it is still here, and I will hold for you. I need your zipcode for the UPS cost, will reply directly.

There are several ESSAYS on the worktable, planes, cabinet scrapers, heat treating edged tools and filing the handsaw, auger bits for deep holes, and stone carving. which may be of interest. For types of Stanley planes, their use and values, take a look at Planes for the Woodworker , with a quick look at pricing. There is also a short list of Stanley Types with dates and the basic identifying marks, perhaps useful for the neophyte like myself who is not up for the full typological details. There is also a short list of a few tool catalogs and manuals which I have left.

For a great picture of an oldfashioned tool salesroom, something which has long since disappeared, take a look at the TOOLROOM of the Marwedel Company in San Francisco, as shown in their1926 catalog.

September 08

Russell Jennings Auger Bit set, in the original tri-fold box, an excellent set sharp and clean, these have been very hard to find in this condition, since everyone wants a set and nobody ever sells. This set at $115.00 is under the tool shop prices. (Take a look at my note on Auger Bits in the essay page on tools)

Set of Russell Jennings Auger Bits Full set by 16ths, # 4 through 16 , clean and sharp, 13 bits in the set, in a shopped flat box, unlike the three-fold box above, hence price is $85.00 .

Drill --- hand drill, "eggbeater" style, medium size very nice for use with up to 1/4" bits, convenient when you don't want to plug in the electric drill, ideal for small holes in hard woods and chamfers. $34.00. Center one in this picturePHOTO

Drill --- hand drill, "eggbeater" style, medium size . This is Montgomery Ward's "Master Quality" from l950's, with elegantly finished turned wood handles, chef's hat handle which is hollow for original screws, 1/4 in chuck. Very pretty. $34.00

Drill --- hand drill, "eggbeater"style, Millers Falls 2-01, Unusually nice drill, excellent condition, with chef's hat handle, hollow with 8 original bits. $48.00. PHOTO

"Yankee" North Bros. push-drilllarge model 15"overall, with slotted screwdriver bits, you can use in lots of placeswithout electric or where the cordless is too wide and clumsy. Hard to find now. Screws in or out or locks for hand turning.This is a nice old one last Pat. date l897, $36.00

"Yankee" North Bros. push-drillsmaller version of above model 11"overall, from around l920, nice. $34.00

Screwdriver --- Yankee push-type straight bit drill, This has been called "The Curtain Hanger's Companion" because it works so well with one hand while the other holds the fixture up. Repeating the push action against a strong spring get the hole for a screw started instantly. Very hard to find these in working condition. $34.00

Breast Drill --- Millers Falls 200, two speed with a convenient thumb shifter, large gear, has iron head as a breast drill . Has unusual ratcheting device for use in close quarters. $64.00, PHOTO

Breast Drill --- KEENKUTTER, large two speed with a peg operated positive design shifter, large gear, iron head breast drill . The chuck is special design which takes both round shanks and also the square taper of auger bits which it drives in slow gear more accurately than a brace. This is listed in catalogs at twice my price of $85.00, very unusual.

Dovetail jig, 12 inches along with Router fitted to the template and carbide Dovetail Cutter. The inexpensive way to get into making dovetailed drawers. Together $85.00 PHOTO

Stanley Jointer Plane #7, 22 inches long with 2.5 in. blade, this one dates from 1933-43 with new style cap, has the throat adjusting screw. For fine jointing work this is the optimal plane, very hard to find now. $110.00

Stanley Jointer Plane #8, the largest iron plane Stanley made, this one is from l902 and has the much sought after corrugated sole introduced in l898. Longer and beefier than the #7, it is ideal for hand-roughing out valuable wide boards before going to the #5. This one is $130.00 , lower than shops, an exceptional tool.

Disston D-8 classic handsaw 10 pt. Of the three major l9th c. sawmakers Simonds Adkins and Disston, it is the Disstons which are the high point of the sawmaker's craft. Freshly set and hand filed. Price is $65.00 for this special one. - - - Good ones are now very hard to find in usable condition. Ones with a classic carved handle, blade clean as new and the etched logo intact get astronomical prices from saw-shops. Hardware store saws are merely stamped out of sheet metal, they won't hold an edge, while a Disston saw is a permanent tool for a serious shop. Un-recut with the original hard teeth, one sharpening will often wear out a new Nicholson file. I saved many quality saws as a private collection, more than I need so I am putting some on the list, of which the D8 have is a good example, but I have other styles and sizes.

Wood bodied 25 inch jointer plane, 3" body with 2.5 in. blade, slightly rounded blade for roughing out wide boards. It will do what a #8 does but with a lot of tapping and adjusting of the blade, with a different feel from an earlier age. $54.00

KeenKutter #5 "K5", 14 inch jack plane in the collected KeenKutter line, with the special corrugated base, very fine plane for $72.00

Stanley #27 "Transitional" plane with all the fine iron adjustments atop a wooden base sole, very fine condition, wood is excellent. These are now hard to fine in this condition, people are at last realizing how nice the feel of wood sliding on wood actually is. Can be checked and tuned with a pencil on a sheet of sandpaper, something you can't do with an iron plane. $48.00

Stanley #102, an unusual and collectible "Pocket Plane" five inches long, 1.250 in blade, which I prefer to go to a user than to a collector. $42.00

HISTORICAL GIFT: OHIO Tool Company German-style Horn Plane, this does not show on their old catalogs. It is 9 in. long with the European front mounted horn to fit one hand for pulling. Unusual to show and works better than any front-knob plane, it is datable l893 - l912/ Price $46.00 - - - - The Ohio Tool Company was founded in Columbus Ohio in 1851 by Peter Hayden, of P. Hayden & Co. which had been doing business since 1842, and various associates. The company continued P. Hayden & Company's tradition of often using prison labor for the production of tools. By 1880 the use of prison labor had ceased, and in 1893 the company merged with the Auburn Tool Company of New York, themselves a frequent employer of prison labor. In 1913 the Ohio factory was destroyed by a flood. A new factory was opened in Charleston, WV the following year. The company ceased business in 1920.

HISTORICAL GIFT: Goldenberg French plane, 8 inches long with a square unusually dense wood 2- 1/4 in. body, and hardwood soleplate. Has the (EYE) symbol of this rare make, with "acier fondu a garantie", appears about l890. Unusual appearance of the dark wood, also a working tool with a fine blade and interesting to the feel. $42.00

Chair scorp with 5" slightly curved blade for working out the seat of a chair, excellent condition with handles, as new from Snow&Nealey, now discontinued. $74.00

Chisel Jenning and Griffin Very fine three pieces socket 3/4 1 and 1-1/4 matching but handles different, first rate maker l885-1905 only, descended from the vintage Merrill Co, edge tools from mid-century. Special.$95.00

Eight inch faceplate for lathe with 1.250 spindle x 12 pitch thread, Has driver notch and four holes for work, metal lathe or HD wood lathe. $35.00

Continue to browse the Full List. . . .

Adze, 3 -1/2 inch blade, hard edge very sharp with 30 inch original bent handle, very hard to find like this, $76.00 PHOTO

Antique car jack, actually made by the tool people at Millers Falls, MA. "Specially designed for use with low pressure tires" on a brass plate." Must be the big tires after1932, it collapses to 7 in. to go under frame. Uses 1/2 in square tool drive, orig. red paint. Orig. red paint and brass plate, to go with your restored car. For Springfield Rolls Royce $145.00

Carburetor Zenith B 23 updraft , cast iron body , from '30's, complete $42.00

Automotive --- Valve lifter for work on an antique side-valve flathead car engine. made by K and D 70 J, it has a hand wheel which works a set of jointed levers to lift the valve lock against its spring.... Valuable if you have the side valve engine and are doing a valve job. really necessary $32.00

Brass door hardware, vintage Set of handles for a large custom door, two 8" a pair with finger latch, two 6" pull handles, one slide door-lock, two heavy hold-open slide brackets, all heavy brass. Sets in door with tenon, screw from other side. $75.00 No copies made. Reach me for details, picture.

Axe---- Double bit axe 4.5 lb. axe for shopping/spitting, excellent hickory handle, clean and both bits sharp, they haven't made like this for 40 years. $4200PHOTO

World War II axe for attack on electrified wire. Handle 17 in. is vulcanized rubber marked 20,000 volt use, blade is curved for down stroke on an object, other end comes to a curved point for pulling loose. Very odd appearance, made for a job ! $45.00

Box Finely finished hardwood finger-jointed box, 3 x 4 x 11, handwritten date on the back "10.30/09". Originally used for an auger set. Worth having just as a box.$22.00

Box for Tools --- "Household or Gentleman's Tool Chest, useful tool and of good grade, JOHN WANNAMAKER NY Paris London Edinburgh" Label in top inside, top right inch of label torn, sliding tray, size is 7 x 9 x 27 in original gray/greenish paint, all joints finger jointed, bail handles and lock hasp. Sorry, NO TOOLS in it. $42.00

Large antique chest for toolss, nicely refinished old wood, 12 x 12 x 32 with sliding tray. Inside smooth finished, exterior weathered but varnish finished. $48

STAINLESS STEEL NUTS size 8-32 17 lbs of stainless nuts , $1/lb or reach me if you need more or all. These are expensive, as new!

Die Set Vintage circa 1750 This is a rare example of an 18th century crude die set, which crushed the tooth form rather than cut it. A great wall item for the serious metal or wood worker's shop. $45. PHOTO

Brace Chain attachment with chuck, automatic feed and chain to go around work, a very practical device which lets you use your brace and bit in difficult places with ease. Not seen in stores for sale for generations.$32.00

Brace --- Lady's Pattern a fine old one from l830's, with fancy turned breast end, ball handle at crank, and solid square tapered hole for auger bit. It is light and handy for shop use, but also a historic memento. Lovely present for the lady woodworker.$42.00 Nice present for a lady woodworkerPHOTO

Brace, unique forged large brace with a 6 in. throw, 18 in. overall length, and for the drive chuck there is a tapered square socket for regular auger bits . These are sought for absolute straightness of drilling in a Windsor chair maker's shop, last one I expect to see...... For fine work chucks with the alligator jaw chucks are simply not accurate. Unique. $38.00

Brace set. --- Two braces with different throw for heavy medium and light-fast turning work. 14 inch and 6 inch (the 8 inch is common.) The different throw braces have disappeared from the market years ago, now it is 4 inch throw (struggle with a big auger in hardwood and forget about fast cranking for a small bit) or nothing. $44.00 for both

Carving stone tools --- see Stone Carving below.

These CHISELS are not the chisels you find in an antique shop or eBay. They are all carefully checked for hardness which can be lost by bad sharpening, they are ground to the proper angle, then honed and polished at the cutting edge to a hair-shaving sharpness. Makes a real difference!. Bench chisels are the 9 inch pattern you can still buy, while the 13-14 inch "cabinet chisels", like those listed here from Witherby, Swan and others are unavailable, but basic for the serious cabinet maker.

Here is a picture of a good variety of chisels, : Large 13 inch long cabinet chisels at upper left. Two RH and LH skews at upper right across. A set at middle of 7 pcs. with three very nice Jennings and Green, one inch -- 3/4 -- 5/8, two gouges etc. Two large framers 2 and 1 1/5 inch at bottom with two narrow mortisers for cleanout. Three chisels for general use at middle right, reasonable. At the bottom right three unusual chisels, a W Butcher and two Bucks in that order. PICTURE

MORE pictures previously listed as examples. Three gouges on the left, three Cabinet chisels center, and four shorter Bench chisels on the right in this PHOTOYou can get a quick view of sizes and style from this PHOTO. The chisels are clean and bright, the tan toning is the fault of the light and film, sorry.

Special: A Group of Custom Cabinet-Slicks

Cabinet Makers SLICKS

The Cabinet-Slick is tang or socket type chisel blade set up with a long handle (14 to 16 inches OAL) as a woodworker's carving and paring "mini-slick". These are designed for two handed use with a ball shape at one end to push and also rotate the chisel while the other hand guides the chisel right through the cut. The two hands provide complete control over the cut, since the distance between hands matches the working position of the arms exactly. These have turned and finished furniture grade handles, making a handsome as well as useful tool . These Slicks are custom made to your order with widths in sizes 1/2 3/4 and 1 inch, about 16 inches overall. A small pattern as on the right pictured chisel, is ten inch length and a half inch width in a pair, as straight/round, designed for fine carving and string instrument making. Prices are $44 for one inch width at 14", and smaller half inch ten inch length parers at $38.00 Email me for more info....

Chisel.......Witherby Firmer socket 3/4 in with 6 in blade, beveled, 13 in OAL good handle $36.00

Chisel S&L Firmer socket1 inch 13 OAL bevel nice one $34.00

Chisel Buck Bros. Firmer socket 1 1/2 in. 6 in blade 14 in OAL, bevel edge, $45.00

Chisel. James Swan socket 1 1/4 inch 6 in blade and 14 in. OAL, $42.00

Chisel. PEXTO 1 1/4 blade, long style. $32.00

Chisel. Stanley 1/2" blade, long style, nice firmer, some light pitting, $34.00

CHISEL Framing Chisels 2 inch width, and 1 1/2 inch width, with a 5/16 mortiser (not shown) for clearing corners, along with a heavy mallet. PHOTO Special at $86.00

Chisel. Mortising chisel,3/8 inch super heavy pattern with long blade 8", $34.00

Chisel. Very old SORBY, tang type fine original handle, 13/32 wide, 3 in blade, $28.00

Chisel Caning Chisel, socket type, narrow blade a little wider than 1/8th in.. Width .150 (= about 5/32-), 12 in. long, $36.00

Chisel Caning Chisel, socket type, very narrow blade 1/8th in wide, 11 in. long, used for caning primarily but useful for cleaning out a narrow kerf cut. Unusual and not available now. $38.00. On right side of this PHOTO

Clamps.--- Pair joist clamps for wedging boards into place. These are set with a heavy screw on 1 5/8 joist, the wedge is hammered against the flat face to move boards into exact location. Great if you are putting T and G down on joists without plywood.the old way, or for general framing purposes, not made for years and more positive than the lever type joist clamps .$44.00

Compass for drawing circles, large 16 + radius, point and pencil holder, it takes standard school chalk. Nicely turned legs and fittings, quite old schoolroom item, fine finish. $32.00

Compass, point and pencil, very old model with good fine adjustment, knurled knobs. 8 inch $38.00

Compass, two points, modern carpenter's style, fine adjustment, nickel plated and clean, Stanley No. 58, 8 inch. $36.00

Grenade Door Knocker --- This is a WW II dummy hand grenade used in my time for hours of hurling practice, mounted on a 3. x 4 plate to hang on your shop door. Separates the Army Vets. from the idle kids who hang around the shop who think it is a pineapple. $44.00

Drawknife, --- 12 inch slightly curved blade, nice turned handles with tang going through, very sharp and the correct bevel on one side for control. Wood blade cover, old.$38.00. PHOTO

Drawknife, --- 12 inch slightly curved blade, nice turned handles with tang going through, very sharp and the correct bevel Has two adjustable angled handles, unusual and most useful $42.00PHOTO

Drill --- "Breast drill," this is a double speed, Millers Falls No. 120 drill, fast turning speed for bits under 1/4 inch, but lot of power on low gear for 3/4 inch in hardwood.. Half in chuck for round bits. Very nicely machined piece of equipment. $48.00. PHOTO

Drill --- VERY Large HD 120 v. electric drill, vintage VanDorn / Black and Decker, Aluminum body casting, 3/4. Jacobs chuck, which will do one inch. in steel and anything in wood. Has attachment for driving other tools, like a 6 inch post hole drill in hardpan clay. A real monster, two hands can just about hold it down with pipe handle. $95.00

Electric testing --- Amprobe multi-tester, this is a working example of one of the early models with current measuring jaws, in a black leather case and strap. Digital readouts are more accurate, actually no cheaper although they should be, but this recalls the old time when an "electrician" was at the head of the technological revolution. $50.00

Electric testing --- GE 30 ma precision meter with reflective back against needle, in an elegant bakelite box with snap closing cover, leather handle. Beautiful piece of instrumentation, they don't make like this any more. $70.00

A group of a dozen various 3 inch test movements, milliamps and watt hours , AC and DC, reach me for exact listing and price, sell some or all together very reasonable.

Pressure gage with large brass face and rim. This instrument works accurately, "Henry R Worthington New York", A handsome pressure gage from the l880's, iron backplate mounts to the wall, 1/4 in pipe male thread. $75.00

Grinder --- A hand operated sickle blade grinder for farm equipment chopping blades, ball shaped stone, sliding cutter holder, very interesting piece of farm equipment, very old. $55.00

Hammer ---. Brickworker's hammer, medium 16 oz. for cracking and chipping brick to size, AND 32 oz. heavy duty one, both for $34.00

Hammer ---. Hammer, carpenters' style19th century pattern, balance point at center-line for much easier side-and-up hammering than our front-loaded modern style. A hefty 20 oz. new handle $32.00

Mallet, large and heavy woodworkers mallet, large head with angled faces, handle let into square mortise and wedged at top, very old and fine. $42.00. Left one in this PHOTO

Hammer --- Antique19th c. style with weight forward for easy hammering like many new ones, with a 12 in. handle at for $24.00

Hammer --- Wooden mallet, 3 in diam and 6 in long head with 14 in over all length. Very heavy hardwood, old one nicely turned and nice dark attractive finish, for gently fitting doweled joints. $34.00. Right one in this PHOTO

Hammer ---Blacksmith's hammer, 5 lbs 1 1/4 square striking head and other end tapers 5 inches round to a point. . another similar size and weight but the back end tapers to a 1 1/4 inch chisel. Either for $32.00

Hammer --- This curious one is of unknown use. The head is 2 lbs 1 1/4 in square, like a smith's hammer, but the other end curved like a nail puller with a full curve, BUT not split and ends in a narrow tip like a ripper. But the front end is metal working !!! Very unusual for a hammer collection, nobody recognizes it. $34.00

Hatchet with 16 inch short handle, very nice one and great at the fireplace, pretty, $28.00

Lathing hatchet,old style with wood handle. Use the thin blade for cutting lath strips and serrated head for driving lath nail in. This is the original pattern with original wood handle factory-wedged in place, perfectly solid and strong, an answer to the Fiberglas or all metal hammer handles. And it also makes a fine lightweight hatchet for splitting kindling with the slim blade. Made for a specific use, but design is good by itself.$38.00

Lathing hatchet, this is the modern Estwing design with all forged steel handle, rubber grips and blade/head angled ten degrees so your hand doesn't hit the wall you have just nailed up. For a plasterer this is the right tool, but incidentally a nice wood splitter. $28.00

Keen Kutter Hatchet HEAD---- Handsome KK head with embossed logo, very nice condition and better than this picture, quite clear and smooth. KEENKUTTER Collector's item, very fine $65.00 . (Note KeenKutter plane on this list.)PHOTO

Woodcarver's hatchet, 1 1/2 in. very sharp blades, one horizontal the other vertical on 10 in. head, 14 in. handle. A great tool for large and native American style carving. $40.00PHOTO

Heater Gun--- An electric 110 v. Hi-Temp handheld tool for applying intense heat to a small area, can be used to fuse plastic or melt anything down. Quite old but works fine and has four extra heater elements with different heats. It has a T at the hand for connection to an airline forcing the flow of hot air out the air tip. $35.00 for all.

Horse Equipment --- Handled wedge for removing calks from horseshoe with a smart blow, 7in long, 18.00.

Horse Equipment --- Hoof rasp, made by Sharp and Smith Pat 1902, handle slide extendible from 13 - 20 inches, a sharp rasp is inserted into the head, wood handle. $28.00

Kiln --- Pottery kiln, 1.5 cu. ft. capacity, electric 110 volts, controls and meter, 3 inch insulation, $450.00 About a quarter of a new price.

Lathe tools --- ANTIQUE Wood turning tools for your metal lathe toolpost. A sears or Atlas 36 in CC lathe is great for turning wood IF you use a cloth over the ways and forget the old adage that wood and metal must never cross on one machine. These are really ancient tools, 1/4 x 7/9 in. which will fit in the American Style tool holders we amateurs cling to. Tools are one LH, one RH, one point, and one curled curve, all thoroughly hard and will slice wood firmly. Certain wood turning jobs need the control of the geared saddle as against free hand turning the curved sections..,....only $32.00

Magnifying glass --- This is a two inch glass lens mounted on a frame which ride 9 inches up a rod which continuous hand wheel feed. Mounted on a 7 x 8 in. alum plate half inch thick, this is fine for detailed carving and finishing work. Solid piece of equipment, for any viewing use. $22.00

Antique Wrenches, Coes--- An "alligator" wrench of the l860's period, open angle v-mouth with one side toothed, the other smooth. Locks onto any nut or a rod with increasing ferocity as your turn it. One is 12 in long, one end for 1 1/4 round, the other has two ends for 3/4 and 1 inch. Unlike pipe wrenches, these ones never slip. Heavy forged steel, $34.00

Antique Wrenches, Coes--- An "alligator" wrench of the l860's period, A starter for a vintage collection: A set of ten l860's Coes wrenches, 6 in. to 18" plus some other large ones even older. $185 for am impressive array of antique wrenches, good condition with nicely finished wood hand inserts. Reach me for picture.

Military --- Machete 24 in. long in green plastic slip case, old and still with original preservative grease, $34.00

Military Knife WW II *.....Army knife, forged blade with slots and serrations, leather ringed handle, with original leather scabbard. $55.00PHOTO

Nippers --- 8 in. nippers, .just right for pulling small nails or tacks, $28.00

Nutcracker -- Before the turn of the last century Sargent, the tool manufacturing company, made this great nutcracker which gently but firmly cracks just the shell by pressing the 10 inch handle and drops the pieces into your left hand. On a 3 x 12 inch board, the best cracker ever made for walnuts and especially butternuts. Hard to find these at all since they are being collected, $38.00

Slicing board for cabbage, made middle 19th c., oak boards with and angled steel slicing blade. Front board is moveable for thin or thick cuts, something your grandmother would have known but not at all like the little plastic slicers from Taiwan. $34.00. Use as pattern for making your own copies for local flea markets, I found these sell quickly but quick to make up.

Oil Dripper --- If you use an older lathe you need a constant drip of oil, which these dripper do drip. Two of them for each bearing on the headstock, one old and one modern, both nice brass with 1/8P thread. The pair $42.00

Plane --- Block Plane, the Stanley 110 was the early basic block plane with a screw in the cap locking the blade into place. Manufactured from l874-1982 it is still a fine small plane for general use, with a long history. $2800

Plane --- Block Plane, the Stanley 220 (l898-l984) is more sophisticated than the 110, with its locking lever in the cap for easy removal and placement of the blade, and the fine thread screw at the rear for the blade adjustment. $32.00

For types of these Stanley planes, their use and values, take a look at Planes for the Woodworker , with a quick look at pricing. There is also a short list of Stanley Types with dates and the basic identifying marks, perhaps useful for the neophyte like myself who is not up for the full typological details.

For a quick view of the Stanley family of iron planes from 3 through the 22 inch 7, see this PHOTO

Plane Stanley Smooth #4 plane, 9 in OAL with 2 in. blade. This is .the high quality medium size plane found in most woodworkers' tool collection. $55.00 (This is a far better buy than the new English Record 004 for $76.00, both in price and quality.)PHOTO

Plane --- "Craftsman smooth" , same size as Stanley #4 who made it '50's for Sears, in really fine as new condition with original box, chrome-vanadium blade. Made from a time in1960 when Sears meant something worth having. Excellent condition, fine appearance as new. $50.00.

Plane *--- Stanley Jack plane #5, 14 in OAL with 2 in. blade, with the screw adjustment for frog and throat width, excellent condition. This size is the most desirable for serious woodworkers as well as amateurs (Walters), enough length and weight for fine work. Type 11,1910-18 $75.00PHOTO

Plane --- Stanley Jack plane #5, 14 in OAL with 2 in. blade, like the above, but special with corrugated base for easier sliding on wood, which many users prefer for pine or gummy woods. Fine. $84.00

Plane --- Stanley Jointer Plane, #7, 22 inch long with a 2 3/8 blade, a serious tool for hand planing wide boards that you don't want to trust to the thickness planer, or for precision edging work for glue up. Type 4 l874-l884 $120.00PHOTO

The so-called "'Transitional '= wood-sole Planes" were not, as the name implies, an evolving design between the all wood and the cast iron planes which we now know. They were made up to the start of WW II, and disappeared as an alternate to iron when the supply of tight and dry wood ran short. Many people preferred the feel of the wood sole gliding on their work, and these have the great advantage of being trued easily with pencil marks which disappear with a few strokes on a sheet of sandpaper laid on a tablesaw plate. A plane must be absolutely true to work perfectly, and Iron Planes will inevitably warm as casting stresses are relieved over the years.. The iron planes above have been reworked for sole planarity, but may still move a bit, while these wood soled planes can be checked once a year and stay absolutely true forever.

Plane --- Stanley Smooth #22 'Transitional wood-sole (wood sole) 8 in. body with 1 3/4 in blade. very nice plane on wood and good feel in the hand $45.00. Left one on this PHOTO. This and the next plane are the same length as the Stanley #3 and #4 iron planes, and have all the adjustments in the cast iron top plate and frog, but look and feel very different. Center one on this PHOTO

Plane --- Stanley Fore Plane #28 'Trans.'= wood-sole (wood sole) with 2 1/4 in. blade and 18 in. long. This is a vintage and collectible Pre-lateral, Type 4 l872-4, with the Eagle stamp on toe but "28" below it, and Bailey's name back on the adjusting nut. Blade is Barton Rochester NY. $58.00 This is one on the left in PHOTO

Plane --- Stanley Jointer Plane #29 'Trans.'= wood-sole (wood sole) with 2 1/2 in. blade and 20 in. long. Like the above plan but quite a bit long and moving into the Jointer class. Since a few years later and not Prelateral, it is $48.00.

Plane --- Stanley Jack Plane #26 'Trans.'= wood-sole (wood sole) 15 in. long 2 in blade, excellent wood, fine condition $48.00

Plane --- Stanley Jack Plane 'Trans.'= wood-sole (wood sole) #27 15 in. long 2 1/4 in blade, wood sides good, bottom fine,. $48.00

Plane --- Fulton, Jack Plane 'Trans.'= wood-sole (wood sole) 15 in. long $46.00 Unusually good and perfect wood and finish

Plane --- Ohio Jack Plane 14 in. 'Trans.'= wood-sole (wood sole) Jack plane, like the Stanley #28 , good adjustments, a fine working plane with a special heavy blade for chatter free cutting. These were made in Auburn NY on a contract around1900 with the State for prison workers, later discontinued. $46.00. This one has an unusually heavy blade for chatter free cutting. This is one on the right in PHOTO

"Wood Body Planes" (without iron adjustment parts as in the above section) , have the body made of one piece of wood with the blade locked in place by a wedge, are the original planes dating from the Middle Ages right down until the cast iron planes started to appear after the Civil War. Many preferred wood plane soles gliding on wood, and the 'Trans.'= wood-sole planes (above) offered both the wood sole and all the fine adjustments and tilts of the blade which the iron planes had. But solid wood planes with the wedge continued to be made through the19th century, and have real use in the larger sizes which can be longer (and cheaper to buy now) than the iron Jointer Planes.

Plane* --- Badger pattern wooden miter plane, 10 in OAL blade 5/8 width with an angled "Badger" blade. Best thing for cleaning up a machine sawed rabbet, cuts both angles delicately with one pass. $48.00 Only the thin one left.PHOTO

Smooth Plane HORN handled German Wood bodied, boat shaped wedged blade, 8 in. long with 2 in. blade, handsome wood finish. Base true, this is a nice, fairly light handling plane. $48.00

Plane --- Smooth Plane, Boat shaped wood bodied, S & J 2 1/4 wedged blade, smoother 8 in. long, wedge locked blade, nice to handle handsome finish, $42.00

Plane --- Jack Plane 15 inch, handled, ANTIQUE 18th century plane. The blade is marked "IOHN GREEN", a British maker of the last l775-90 period who made fine planes in London. This came from a man who got it from his grandfather's barn in Virginia, so I assume it was pre l776 since English tools were not being imported in early US period. The sole has had a repair, this is a tool for historical value, but I cut a few fine shavings out of interest. Could this have come from Jefferson's Monticello? $65.00

Plane --- Jack Plane 16 inches, all wood with blade locked with a wedge, pistol handle, made by Sandusky Tool Co. If you want to have just one usable Wood bodied, wedged blade, plane to have around, this size is the best. $44.00

Plane --- Fore Plane, Wood bodied, pistol handled , 24in. long with 2 in. blade, handsome wood finish. Base true, this is a nice handling plane for serious work, has the length of the costly Stanley #7 or #8, and I believe a nicer tool to work with. $48.00 PHOTO

Plane --- Jointer Plane, Wood bodied, wedged blade, 30 inch long massive wood body has weight for smooth cut with razor sharp blade, long enough for perfectly true joints. Sole absolutely true, fine wood body, some insignificant crack on sole.. Blade marked "W Greaves and Son" and "shear works" $55.00 PHOTO

157.1 BENCH or jack mounted Jointer Plane LARGE This BENCH PLANE is 48 inches long, to be used with a through bolt to worktable or a horse, wedge set blade is near middle, with a fence to set width of cut. The work is pushed along the stationary plane, which is straight and very true so it does work that a moving plane cannot do. For the hand-worker who does all without power this is the nearest thing to a machine jointer. $85.00

Pliers --- "Gasman's" model with two serrated jaws for grabbing 3/4 and 1 in. rounds, also serrations at front for using straight on. Useful tool from l890 Originally designed for removing and installing stove gas jets but now useful for a dozen other applications. Very useful for pulling dowels which are stuck, with the front inline teeth. $28.00

Pliers --- Antique l872 pattern lineman's pliers, 8 in. with 3 cutting slots for copper wire. Flat accurate blades. Good for general use, special design $28.00

Pliers --- Original antique Fencing Tool, pulls staples, hammers in, cuts wire, crimps, This is an original l860's tool, not the cheap Taiwan made copy in soft iron. This is a historic tool, often called. the "Tool that Made the West". in the early days of barbed wire fencing. $36.00

Pliers --- Ring crimp pliers for 1/2 in ring inside the handles, short nipper at the front. Use for hog ear tags ---- or for car replacement seat covers. NSA No.1970983, Pat.1934 ! Fine forged steel $26.00

Pliers --- Upholsterer's pliers, a short 6 in. body with curved blade for stretching web tight, hammer on lower blade for setting tacks. Very old. $28.00

Pliers --- Upholsterer's 8 in. pliers, which grab the end of an upholstery web, roll over the hammer end until the first tack goes in, then the built-in hammer can add the rest of the carpet tacks. The only ones available are very old, very useful. $32.00

Pliers ---Flush cutting nippers, long arms and hardened steel inserted jaws in a dovetail, screw stop, will cut wire, nails. This was originally used for nipping horseshoe nails, removable jaws great for cutting, gripping and pulling nails too. $40.00

Pliers ---Flush end gripping nippers, 6 in. and nice old tool, made for pulling tacks and small nails. $21.00

Bernard Pliers , Fisherman's Model--- PARALLEL JAWS and powerful grip, 6 in. remarkable tool, now very hard to find since not made for years. $48.00

Pulleys --- Need any special ones? 3 inch singles to 12 inch doubles? I have a lot of them, let me know what diameter and bore you are looking for. New ones are expensive, ridiculous! Can give reasonable price or a group price, maybe twenty pieces? ALl useful sizes for the home mechanic .

Rasp --- Large heavy duty rasp, 1 3/4 wide x 13 in. blade, one side coarse file-style double cut, the other side sharp rasp. Tang for handle. These were originally used for horse shoeing, (still used for that) but are indispensable for removing wood stock fast. New and sharp, a massive piece of fine steel. $20.00

Rule --- Boxwood -- Six inch, four fold = 2 ft. wooden rule, Chapin 12. Once common, these elegant little beauties have become hard to find especially with readable markings. $44.00

Mortising Gage Double lip cutting, rosewood and brass fitting and screw top and end, looks like l870's, nicely worn by use and usable antique. Nothing like the cheap rosewood imports you see everywhere. $65.00

Stanley #95 Mortising and Butt gage, used for hinge and mortise marking, introduced in l897, this is older one with nickel plate, nice and very handy tool with no modern copy. $42.00

Saws--- Disston Saw --- Disston 5 1/2 point rip, decorative handle, hand filed very sharp, blade tapered edge to back and handle to tip for lightness. An antique which outperforms.. Sharp, handsome and special steel. $48.00

Saw s--- Disston Saw --- Disston D-8 saw , 8 pt excellent a fine example with full etched logo clear, good handle in excellent finish. This is probably the finest saw ever made, double tapered blade length and width, a fine example of the sawmaker's best. $64.00

SAW --- Backsaw with 12 inch blade, fine finished handle, made by Pennsylvania Saw Co, York PA $36.00 PHOTO

SAW --- Small bench saw with 10inch blade,fine teeth and a finely designed open style handle with nice curves, pretty. Cast steel with split nuts so from l860's $38.00 PHOTO

Disston and Atkins and Simonds Saws. I have several saws from these makers, some sharpened and cleaned up other as is for your reworking, can sell reasonable. Reach me for more information and price.

Saw --- Deep throat coping saws, with screw chucks for cut blade lengths, 4" and 6" and an 12" throat, can be used with pull action for better control. Very old style, handsome handles, not available now, $20 each or all three for $48.00

Sears Collectors ? --- A most curious portable saw, 7 1/2 in blade, about1948 vintage, with a system of links which keeps the plate flat with the saw, rather than out tilting plates. If interested... ? $38.00

Saw Set --- Stanley. This is a modern sawset which is easy to use, accurate and strongly designed in the Stanley tradition. Excellent for all hand saws with its cam moveable anvil. Very fine device in perfect condition. $38.00

Saw Set --- Taintor's Patent.This has a double action to hold the blade with one action, and set the tooth over with another at the same time. It is this double action which makes it so perfect. For fine tooth saws, this is the ultimate saw set, and these are very hard to find. $32.00

Scorp 6 inch medium curve for scooping out chairseats or any concave surface, as new S&N manufacture (no longer available), perfect new hardwood blade and handles, unused! $75.00PHOTO

Shears - Vintage antique Paper Shears, long blade paper shears used by accountants, nips clear to the end, very old $34.00

Shears --- Wiss curved blade LH turning sheet metal shear, 13 in. used for cutting out patterns in metal, fiber, plastic. Rare $34.00

Shears --- Wiss straight blade high quality metal shear, 13 in. long. This was the standard duct fitter's basic tool, good for all the ducting and roofing gauges.. Wiss had excellent hardened steel in their older shears, nothing like the cheap imports or hardware store ones.$32.00

Shears --- Vintage mid19th c. straight shear, 13 inch OAL with long blade, made by Peck Stowe and Wilcox , East Berlin CT#6 1/2 . The company goes back to Colonial days, only later became "Pexto" as a commercial tool maker. $37.00

Soldering Bunsen burner medium size, has base stand and connects directly to gas/propane with no air required for a very hot flame., $26.00.

Soldering handheld torch burner medium size, all beautiful polished brass has base stand and connects directly to gas/propane with no air required for a very hot flame., $36.00.

Soldering copper --- Heating your large copper head for soldering seams and objects is the classic way to do your soldering. It is surprising how the heat penetrates so well from the 1 lb. source, the heat stay in there longer than you would believe. A one pound head, $38.00

Soldering copper ---As above but a 2 pound head, $44.00

Square --- Stanley metal square, 8 in blade in one piece cast handle, a convenient one piece square which is always more trustworthy than the usual sliding square on a ruler. One piece construction so no bit of dirt can get into the lock.$34.00

Stanley Square Rosewood handle, this 12 inch length blade is hard to find, $35.00 nice clean blade, fine.

Square --- Large steel carpenter/ framers's Stanley No.2, 16 x 14 in., tapered to the tips to make it light and handy, unlike the modern stamped jobs. This one has been checked by a machinist and hammered to truth, not your store or yard sale square. Has all the pitch and rafter dimensions etc. Checked for truth. $38.00

Square --- Sargent metal square, 6 in blade in one piece cast handle, like the above., basic shop tool with accuracy, $34.00.

Square --- Fine Rosewood square with brass fitting with 6 inch blade, not a modern factory copy $34.00

Steelyard weighing balance ---- Whitmore steelyard, very old double weighing steelyard, with scale l50 lbs but upside down it weighs 30 lb. scale. Delicately forged hooks, this is a handsome decorative antique. $30.00

Stone Carving is an ancient art. which utilizes the stone from some millions of years back, along with iron tools developed just a few millennia ago, to make useful and decorative artwork with nothing more than a few handtools..... and a fast learning curve of skills. I have left over from a college course a few sets of stone carving tools, striking hammer, five chisels including point, flat, round edge, blunt and toothed. See my set of instructions "Carving Stone", which you can download from the ESSAYS link at the top of this page. The set $65.00.

Stroke Sander --- Two aluminum wheels for making up a stroke sander, 4 in. wide and 5 in diameter with a 5/8 hole. Some use a burned out motor with 5/8 shaft for one side bearings for economy, on the other side is the live motor, and a arm above with a roller made up of plywood discs and a spring. Considering cost of a stroker, one has to think about doing it yourself.. $38.00

Tool Belt carrier --- For one hammer, a piece of heavy leather 4 x 5 inches, with a ring for your hammer, soon these will be all plastic..... $20.00

Tool Belt Carrier --- Heavy leather 8 x 10 in. carpenter's tool carrier, has nine tool slots, never used since I personally favor beltless bibtop overalls. Leather has become costly now, nice and useful at $26.00

Torch --- Small Bunsen burner, works a blue hot frame from propane with no air, in original box from long ago. $26.00

Trimmer --- Small hand held trimmer with rotating cutter wheel, adjustable depth of cut from 1/2 to 1.2 in. For ceiling board, any soft foam or paper material. Chrome. $16.00

Vibrator for chair (only) --- A nicely made diecast frame with unbalanced vibrator motor, 110 v. cord, about1940 manufacture, works perfectly attached to the wood underparts to make any soft chair vibrate soothingly, or surprise the sitter. $34.00

Vise --- Small bench vise, screw clamp to fit to any 1 3/4 in. worktable, v 2 in. wide, open to 2S, great for holding fine work on a table.... $30.00 Nice cast iron small vise, old green color.

Vise --- Mini bench vise with 2 in. jaws, clamps to table, nice orig. green, handy little device $28.00

Vise --- Saw Filing Vise. Eight inch jaws are set firm with a lever on the saw to be filed, has an adjustable angle and clamps to the table top. Without a vintage saw filing vise of this kind, you just can't file saws at all. These have become very hard to find at all. $48.00

Weights, precision --- A box of weights, 50 grams down to minute, 8 brass weights in a purple plus lined box 3 1/2 x 6 inches, fine wood. More micro weights under a glass with tweezers. Fine. $44.00

Weights, precision ---three large ones 1000 grams 5000 grams 350 grams . Accurate tested and nice polished finish $48.00

Whatchamacallit II ---Double ended, self adjusting sliding jaw each end for 1/2 to 3/4 inch hex nuts. All rusted over and deeply pitted as it should be, because it is no good and certainly never wasn't no good neither. Conversation about futility! $18.00

Whatchamacalit ---An 8 in. handtool with screw adjust for the blades, which are a double set each side in angle opposed to a cutoff rolling wheel at the top. Dozens of people have tried to figure out what this was designed to do, all have failed, usually with a mangled piece of copper tube or plastic pipe in a regretful hand. A sure conversation piece.... otherwise NO GOOD. $20.00

Wrench --- "Westcott" style which is like an angled modern adjustable Crescent, but much heavier duty and has a wave shaped handle to clear obstructions. These were the "Crescent" of the l880's, sturdier by far for touch work, and has a bulldog look. $32.00.

Wrench from Rasp? --- This is a ten inch along hand forged double open-end wrench, with a swayed handle as was common a hundred years ago. But what is amazing is that it was carefully hand forged out of a 12 inch horse hoof rasp (like one list above under Rasps), but in such a way that the rasp teeth on one side look like fish scales in the iron, which the straight cuts on the other side still show as angled lines. Was steel ever so expensive in this country to make work like this necessary ? Or was this the work of a skilled miser, perhaps a work-alcoholic trying to save his mind? UNUSUAL and unique. $35.00 "...

Wrenches--- A pair of large old-style strong pipe wrenches,16 and 12 inches, sharp teeth for biting in. Even with a vise at hand a pair of wrenches is often needed to open old joints. since a hard turn will always slip in the vise. or break the iron jaw. $42.00 the pair

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