A few Manuals, Flyers, Books...

NOTICE: This list has been up for some time, many of the items have been of interest and use to people over the years, so the list has been gradually shortened. Now in 2008 I the remainder has gone to a tools enthusiast, so this list is formally cancelled. However I am going to leave it up as information about old manuals. And since I took pleasure writing the descriptions, why not leave them there for other to peruse?

But you can still enjoy reading my tools list which is up and active, at the current Old Tools List. And here is a rare picture of a Tool Salesroom as it was in 1925 .

ATLAS LATHE : Manual of Lathe Operations and Machinist's Tables"". Atlas Press Co, copyright l937, but with in Part 7 Threading Supplement to adapt the "Manual of Lather Operation" to Sears Master Craftsman Lathes.. Atlas This is the original Manual of 238 pages which came with Atlas Lathes which were sold for a time Lathes under the Sears name. This has full information for the Timken equipped roller bearing headstock. Black cardboard covers intact, text all clean, four additional tabs a few discolored. This book has everything about the Atlas lathe, a remarkably full and detailed Manual, from the old days long past when Instructions for use accompanied any serious piece of equipment, This is reproduced in England in photocopy for almost as much as my price of $125.00

ATLAS Threading Chart, reproduced from the chart in the above book, mounted in l948 in a black 6 x 8 frame with eyelet screw at top to hang over your lathe. It comes with the original accumulation of dust on the glass at no extra cost, functionally it is \ better than a photocopy, the glass keeps it unsplattered with cutting oil, and it carries a 50 year slice of history. $17.00

ATLAS Threading Chart, a photo copy installed in a black wood 1/2 x 8 frame with gilt line inside, with an eye hook at the top for hanging where you need it --- over the lathe for those darned GEAR CHANGES. This was framed in l948 when a machinist bought one of the first Atlas post-War lathes available from Sears, it comes with the original, untouched deposit of dust included at no extra charge, a half century old piece of personal history, for only $18.

--- -----ATLAS A wall POSTER for Thread Forms and Formulas, 15 x 21 inches, nicely printed in white (tan by now) on a strong blue background, elegant poster for your workshop, in excellent condition when the folds are laid flat, three small transparent tape strips at top. $20 Original poster from l948 which came with an Atlas lathe purchase.

--- -----ATLAS A wall POSTER for 60 degree V type Thread Dimensions, same format as the above item. Paper excellent and a handsome poster for the wall. $20


--- -----ATLAS A wall POSTER for LATHE CUTTING TOOLS As Above $20

--- -----ATLAS A LARGE WALL POSTER Here is the MASTERPIECE, a 24 x 30 inch beautifully drawn picture of the ATLAS lathe in all its glory, surrounded by blue boxes which describe what its various parts and functions are. Unfortunately this one is damages, there is a easily repairable tear, but the top inch has lost its strip of blue. Laid out flat and straightened, with a matching blue strip at the top, this would be the grandest poster of all for the wall of your shop. It will need attention, but is visually the things every Atlas fancier would like, so I will price it only $20 like the above posters. (Or take all five of these Atlas posters for $60.

Rotary Planer from BARRON to be used with the Drill Press for planing wood. It is a listed "five tools in one" since it can do a variety of side cuts as well as planing, and a similar item is still to be found on the market today, even one with the Sears name on it. If you have this planer you might want this page for $7 with two other sheets and an article on the Drill Press as a Planer by Edwin M Love.

BELSAW Operators Manual and Repair Parts List" for the Belsaw Circular Saw Shop and Edge Tool Models 10252 10253 10291 1051 104522. This is the model for table saw blades, on other side attachment for planer and jointer blades, About 30 pp including ads for products, clean heavy paper, yellow covers light soiling. $35.00

BESSEMER STEEL CO A collections of a dozen sheets and flyers on Bessemer Steel, price listing, weights or rods and cars etc. $10

DELTA A large format 8 x 11 flyer from l949 with parts list for the Delta Bandsaw, portrayed in it all metal attire on page one of an 8 p. brochure. A purple guarantee is stapled to the front, and comes in the shop soiled envelope IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Read Carefully..." of the original buyer. $18.00

DELTA "How to start your HOME WORKSHOP " Book # 4565, a 12 page booklet which marks the beginning of the old tool manufacturers, who had supplied equipment for commercial shops and factories, realizing the potential of the Post-War home market for tools. After the war there was a rush to get the wartime production converted into a rapidly expanding and hungry market. Cheap little houses were thrown up by the tens of thousands in Developments, and the new owners soon realized that it would be worthwhile for them to do their own repairs, as well as develop a woodworking hobby in that large new garage. The front cover of this booklet show the central idea in a picture of a super-clean shop, in which Mom is running the drill press while Dad supervises with an ugly little craft project in his hand as Son scrapes away at something with a dull little knife. Inside follow large captions like "IT'S SO SIMPLE to make these useful things", even "HAPPINESS in your workshop, the ideal hobby". But beyond that "SAVE MONEY" and as a clincher for buying equipment, appeal to "THE WOMAN in your life..." naturally, to approve the expenditures. Of course "POWER TOOLS do most of the work for you", hence don't worry about skills and learning new techniques. (Compare this with the Back to Handtools craftsmen of today !) Sears, Wards, Delta and even the formidable STANLEY were quickly into this new market, which caught on immediately. The baby boomers who grew up in such an atmosphere carried the message into the next generation, and the home workshop has become a part of the "American Way of Life". $16 and my analysis is free.

DELTA "POWER TOOLS' 1940. This is an old-style pre-War Delta catalog with none of the slick post-war "Home Tools for your Workshop" format. It has 48 8 x 11 pages of small type with excellent pictures of all the shop tools Delta made in their wide swath of wood and metal manufacture, with every accessory and prices. No super-neat Home Shop of the l950's, this one has on front cover a working shop with real sawdust on the floor, a man working the tablesaw cutting off a turned leg, while an apprentice is actually scraping a cast iron surface to truth with traditional scraping tools, in a real workshop. $36.

DELTA The "old Delta" from l950, before Rockwell bought it up and later sold it out into a company which sells oriental imports under the old DELTA name. -- This is a 6 x 8 65 page booklet "Getting the Most out of your Bandsaw and Scroll Saw" published in 1950 in the old days when advise and information were part of a woodworking tool sale,Cat. No.4573 $22.00

--- -----DRILL REAMERS PUNCHES from "Whitman and Barnes Div. of United Drill and Tool Corporation,, Detroit Mich." Catalog # 100 with 202 pages on excellent gloss paper with illustrations and prices, of all kinds of drill and reamers. Fifty pages of factual information about sharpening angles, feeds and speeds, steels and types, tap and die dimensions. from l946. $22.00

Drill Press Clamp DODD PRODUCTS. A single sheet flyer for a very clever clamp for holding off shaped and round objects for drilling on the drill press. A great idea which you can easily copy from this page, for only $7 as "A Drill Press Necessity".

DRILLS AND REAMERS etc. "The Morse Twist Drill and Machine Co.," an elegantly printed AND REAMERS etc. "The Morse Twist Drill Catalog #83 with fine illustrations and size tables for every kind of twist drill, reamer, milling cutter, taper and including 35 pages of tables and technical data. Clean perfect copy with original printed boards. $36.00

WW II HOME INFORMATION Eighteen sheets of typed copy from the New York HERALD TRIBUNE on householders' useful information, from care and finishing of woodwork, painting, removing stains, how tog et rid of pests, etc. Dated l942, a cheap way of disseminating upkeep information in the middle of a WAR without additional cost of formatting, paper and printing it up. Very curious wartime economy, something most of us have little sense of in these days of surpluses and plenty. With a dozen other magazine pages on similar topics. $16.

--- -----FILES "File Filosophy: Seventeenth Edition, First Printing 1949" gives first a history of the file, then identifies the various types of files and notes their special uses, with advice on use of the file with a lathe, when filing saw teeth, the right filing "method" in terms of your stance, arm motion, drawfiling, filing lead and brass etc. A lot of information well written, in 48 pages. $36.00

GRAINGERS is a name known to all of us who run to the store late a Friday afternoon with parts of a burned out electric motor in a cardboard box. But in l952 there were only four stores in Albany, Buffalo New York and Providence, and the prices in this l952 hundred page catalog are surprising. Yes, dollar values have changed, and these prices are surprising., but the range and costs of what Graingers started business with is here. $18.00

HURON is not a name well know, but we have here a picture of an unusual lathe wet grinder, "build it yourself" from semi-finished parts. A good design which could be imitated by a decent machinist for something not now available.. Also some info on a lathe milling vise holder, some order forms to Huron (??). Curious for $12

KAYAK In the spirit of "You can built it yourself..." The Easi-Bild Pattern Co. (pub. by Directions Simplified, Inc.) of Briarcliff NY put out set of patterns in full scale drawings for an elegant kayak. Then they used painted canvas, now fiberglass mat would do the trick. I built one of these years ago, now long gone, so I know this is a workable set of patterns. All in one huge folded over sheet, it is all here for $34, all simple cuts with plywood and fir or pine strip.

--- -----LEFAX "A Pocket Size System of Looseleaf Data sheets etc.....". A little book 4 x 7 inches in stiff card covers, with an amazing amount of compressed information about CONVERSION TABLES. of every imaginable sort, even a multiplication table for people who didn't listen to the rote repeating of the tables in school (people who now reach for a calculator automatically) and a full index of this and other Lefax publications. $16 from l949,

--- -----LEFAX "A Pocket Size System of Loose-leaf Data sheets etc.....". A little book 4 x 7 inches in stiff card covers, with an amazing amount of compressed information about MACHINISTS DATA and a mix of many other data, and a full index of this and other Lefax publications. $14 from l949,

--- -----LEFAX "A Pocket Size System of Loose-leaf Data sheets etc.....". A little book 4 x 7 inches in stiff card covers, with an amazing amount of compressed information about METALS. the size, use, characteristics, and a full index of this and other Lefax publications. $16 from l949

--- -----LEFAX "A Pocket Size System of Loose-leaf Data sheets etc.....". BOLTS SCREWS WOOD GENERAL INFORMATION A little book 4 x 7 inches in stiff card covers, with an amazing amount of compressed information about wood, screws and holding devices, metals and their characteristics, and a full index of this and other Lefax publications. $14 from l949,

LUFKIN Precision Tools from The Lufkin Rule Co,. Catalog #7 of precision measuring tools from tapes and scales (called "Rules" erroneously) to micrometers. and the now collectible steel pocket rules. Clean copy, 128 pages good covers, no date (must be around l939 +). $32.00

MACHINIST "American Machinists Handbook" ed. Colvin and Stanley, McGraw-Hill. This is the 9 th edition from l945, of l550 pages 4 x 7 format, Original maroon binding, solid and clean pages unsoiled by dirty mechanics' hands!. Half a million copies of the various editions since l908 were printed, 20,000 of this one, so this is not a rare book, but still valuable for tables, conversions, screw data, metals and treatment, and not one you will run across often. You can get the new edition for $75 if you are a machinist, but if a hobby interest, this would be pretty much as useful for only $22.00 For the serious machinist/engineer, there are some old standards here which apply to machinery from l940, which are no longer available for repairs on rebuilding and restoring obsolete machines with old tapers ,

MACHINIST TEST INDICATOR "The Koch Test Indicator" a beautiful little finely machined test indicator operating with concealed levers for measuring side and end movement. This was manufactured by Andrew Geniales in Nyack NY, a very different indicator from the standard toolroom ones, accurate and a pleasure to touch as well as use. I have the original sheet which came with the Indicator, price in those days was only about five dollars, now a most collectible item which I will sell (indicator and sheet) for $85. Can send scan of the picture if you are interested.

--- -----MECHANIC'S HANDBOOK --- "A Practical Mechanic's Handbook, by F J Camm, Fellow Royal Society of Arts", with 690 illustrations, 4th ed., Publ Chemical Publ Co. Brooklyn NY in l942. It has 400 pages well illustrated with photos and excellent line drawings, on good paper, in the original intact lightly worn blue cloth binding. This is the best, user-friendly yet complete introduction to metal craft that I have ever seen. It was apparently republished in the US during the War as a primer for those involved in war industry, but it is far too literate and interesting as reading to have served as a factory training manual. Illustrated with photos and covering everything from lathe operation to patination, shop shortcuts, tables of measurements, metals and properties, metals and properties, all in excellent readable English from a time when engineers (especially in England) could still write the language well. $85.00

MILLER FALLS Here is a lovely little 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 little 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 pocket edition of the Millers Falls lines, which had recently acquired the older Goodell Pratt tool line. This Catalog $41 from January l935 is special, in that is gives excellent pictures of the MF tools which will help the 21 century collector identify the various models of Planes and the many elegant Hand Drills, for which M-F is famous. There are 240 pages, fine illustrations, text tight print in 240 pages, fine illustrations, especially interesting since this is a pre-War listing! $45

MOTOR and Clutches "Driver" green band, one sheet with Motors one side, and very interesting Clutch 3/4 in. illustration and description with the operation and description on the other side. brand, $7.00 The Clutch is clever and could be copied.

NORTON. NORTON Abrasives. A little pocket book "How to Sharpen" 24th rev. edition from l944 from Behr-Manning in Troy NY. There are 48 pages of craftsman-oriented information, from the importance of sharpening ("Why put up with dull tools or knives...?" and detailed information about kinds and uses of oilstones, natural and crystolon, Arkansas shapes and slips. Much info in small format, $22.00

--- -----TOOLS "Tinkering with Tools" by Henry H Saylor, Popular Science Publ Co, NYs" This revised edition from l942 is especially strong on wood and woodwork, but proceeds to everything from painting to electric wiring and plumbing, in a short a classic home-owner's introduction. Bound in excellent green stamped cloth, perfectly clean volumes of 249 pages with many illustrations, with a memorable author's dedication which fits many of us well: "To my Wife / Who married me as a Jack of all Trades / and found me a Master of None" $42

PALMGREN Milling Attachment for the metal turning lathe, AND Palmgren's excellent Rotary Table with cross axis motion. Several large descriptive sheets on Palmgren products, along with a letter from Palmgren to a customer dated curiously on Christmas EVE Jan 25 l950. ------ Mr G.L. Parsons was doing his duty at the office until the very last moment, advising Mr. Cromwell that he is very sorry the body casting is broken, and that one will be shipped (in the new year) on receipt of $8 including Parcel Post cost (which was only 45 cents). I guess Mr. Parsons went home directly and read with his family the Dickens story about working late in the office into the night darkness, perhaps dallying with the thought of himself as a later-day Scrooge. With a few additional flyers with good illustrations. $16.45

SAWS "DISSTON Saw Tool and File Manual". Printed l951 but from the Preface, it is clearly from the War years with motto FIGHT WASTE and a wartime preface. In 64 pages of well written and useful advice about use and filing of all kinds of saws,, this book sets forth in only six pages with good illustrations the basics of hand-filing a wood cutting saw. But there more on bandsaws, types of rake and set, the basics. Clean copy, bright red covers are clean, $38.00

SEARS Molding Head operating and assembling instruction sheet, for molding head for use on tablesaws and radials. from Cat # 9, items 3214 3217 3218 3221 3222.. Examples of use, some jig suggestions in 8 pages, $11

STANLEY "STANLEY Electric tools for Industry "is a large format 8 x 12 in brochure of 52 pages listing the full range of industrial tools, from sanders, grinders, portable saws, nibblers and electric shears, many of which have by now slid into the medium price home-shop category available from Makita and Ryobi. But then there were none of the imports, it was "Buy American or do without", and there were few used tools from the pre-war period around. Good illustrations ad very clear and detailed descriptions of the tools. $24

STANLEY "Stanley Tools" Catalog 35 (Patterson Bros., opposite Woolworth Bldg. NY NY) A 48 page brochure of the immediate post-War period in which the staid, old-line Stanley joined the crowd with Sears, Wards and also Delta in capturing the Go It Yourself market which was bursting at the seams. Even the format of this "Stanley Tools" looks like a Wards brochure, slick pictures at the margins, clear easily readable descriptions and great prices for the new market. $24.00 ----Surprise that on page 13 the famous #1 Smooth Plane (now worth over $1500 or more if as in the illustration) has been inflated from Marwedel's l926 price of $2.95 to $4.40, enough to make the collector's jaw drop agape. And the huge #8 Jointer is only $10.20, now discontinued for years and selling for over $140. Or the #20 Circular Plane for under ten bucks.

STARRETT A little booklet just 4 in high and 7 wide, of 48 pages. Unlike the above Starrett full catalog listing, this is a book of practical advice for getting the most out of your calipers, micrometers and scales, with advice on laying-out, measuring lathe work, fits and tolerances. Intelligent and readable.... $18.00

STARRETT "New Tools by Starrett". Starrett held out against the mass market as long as it could , so this 4 x 7 18 page catalog still says "Buy from you Distributor" in l950. By now you can find Starrett items in popular tool catalogs, some items certainly made FOR Starrett in China. This little book has the finely printed appearance of the Starrett of the old days, for $14

"STARRETT Precision Tools, Steel Tapes, Dial Indicators, Hack Saws, STARRETT Catalog #26. Very important pre-War catalog from l938 ---- and the most authentic identifier of Starrett hi-precision measuring tools from that period, with prices of course. Along with a separate book LIST PRICES, Dec 8 l947, applying to Catalog 26 above. Together the two books $55

The GLOBE MILLER quickly converts your lathe into a Milling Machine. From Globe Products LA, four sheets with good illustrations and details. $10

MARWEDEL Cat. 12 TOOLS SHOP SUPPLIES Catalog 12 from S W Marwedel, San Francisco (stamped The Oakland Store on tp.)(l926). This is a finely printed and massive 8.5 x 11 bound volume of 676 pages, with a dozen illustration s on each of its many pages (for each product). Here you can find everything that was manufactured in the l920's, from machine tool cutters and drills, to power machinery, the new "Electric Drills", plumbing fixtures, metal rod and bar and sheet in steel, stainless, copper etc....... Original boards are worn, spine neatly rebacked in cloth, solid book. This massive catalog has absolutely everything $125. Here is a picture of the Marwedel Tool Salesroom .

WALKER-TURNER "A Comprehensive Handbook on Uses and Applications of THE DRILL PRESS" with 100 photo illustrations,, with 100 photo illustrations, l934, reprint l951 apparently without changes. Format is 6 x 9 finely printed on good paper, maroon covers are clean, 70 pages with standard uses as well as dovetail cutting, light shaping etc. $38.00. (The drawing on page 1 is exactly the same as my two Walker Turners which are mounted on a special drain-edged cast iron table, I made another scrappy one into a mortising machine. These old ones never die.)

WALKER TURNER "THE BAND SAW and JIG SAW" From l934, 70 pages in format and covers matching the above book on the Drill press. These machines from W-T are less often seen, Walker Turner had a whole line of tools for small shops along with its first-rate Drill Press. $34.

WALKER TURNER "the BENCH SAW JOINTER and SHAPER" From l934, 70 pages in format a covers matching the above books These machines from W-T are less often seen, I have never seen the elegant little shaper on page 26 anywhere, and it is interesting to note how W-T became identified for small shops with its first-rate Drill Press. $36.

WOOD LATHE Sears CRAFTSMAN booklet "The Wood Lathe" Rev. l952, excellent advice and illustrations on turnings from simple rounds to decorative objects, plug chuck and faceplate work, jigs for turning dowels, faceplate sander, French and shellac finishing. Surprising how much got compressed into this little 32 page booklet. $23.00

WARDS "Catalog of Powr-Kraft Tools from Montgomery Wards. "A 64 page catalogs of M-W Tools, well illustrated on glossy paper, from l950-1, as the market for home-use tools opened up following the War. Here is a l950-1 catalog "Power Tool and Welding" from M-W, 48 pages in large format with excellent illustrations throughout, with all the things you can now get from Taiwan but at a fraction of the Wards' price Made in USA. $36 and invaluable as an index of the economics of purchasing power in half a century. ----We can now look back with a sigh, remembering the days when we had both massive catalogs from Sears and Montgomery Wards on the table to compare prices before mailing an order with check in an envelope with a three cent stamp on it. Actually Montgomery-Ward, affectionately called by the many Monkey Ward and used nationally nailed up in the outhouse for toilet paper (during Depression and War it was all: CONSERVE). Mail order was before l900 by railroad lines in every direction, then on a horse cart to your house, the slow ancestor of our catalog on-line, email and UPS, but the same in spirit. In the surge of new product sales after WW II, Sears and Wards ran side by side, and the name PowerKraft from Wards was as present day "Craftsman" from our surviving Roebuck-less "Sears".

Bill Harris