C N S Apology September 24, 2006

Reported error in retirement of Aaron Seligmann June 30 2006

We regret having to report an error in the news release on June 30 2006 reported by Ms. White, of our NY area legal coverage.

Ms. Celica White gave a clear account of an interview with Mr. Aaron Seligmann, the NY lawyer about whom a leak came to us inferring that Mr. Seligmann was considering retirement from the firm of Seligmann Schwarz & Miller. She felt that Mr. Seligmann was being friendly and cooperative in the interview and had no reason to suspect any undercurrent considerations.

We pride ourselves on our traditional high degree of accuracy, and it is with regret that we must state that there are serious flaws in this piece of reportage. We think these are unintentional and probably harmless, but our duty is to present to the public the highest degree of reporting accuracy, in which spirit we retract the line which was given to several city newspapers.

Ms. White was sure that she had come to the Manhattan address given her for the residence of Mr.. Seligmann, and she assumed that the interviewee was in fact Mr. Seligmann himself. But on further check, she found that his name was not found on the records of the New York Bar Association, although the firm Seligmann Schwarz & Miller is clearly a reputable firm in good standing. Searching for a history of the education and former practice of Mr. Seligmann, she again found insufficient records, and concludes that this man is in a certain sense a legal mystery.

When approached by reporters, Mr. Schwarz who had heretofore been cooperative, now said that the firm had nothing to say about the whereabouts of Mr. Seligmann, and as to further questions the answer would regrettably have to be NO COMMENT. One clerk of firm when interviewed later that evening over cocktails admitted that Mr. Seligmann had been a key person in the case against certain criminal elements in the city then under prosecution , and that might be a reason for his sudden disappearance.

Faced with an anonymous report of this conversation, Mr. Schwarz replied for the firm that there were important aspects of the recent anti-criminal trials which had been officially classified as secret, and in the light of this situation their answers again would have to be NO COMMENT.

In the spirit of our well known accurate news reporting, CNS will issue further information on the mystfying legal situation of The Disappearing Attoney as it becomes available.