A Fingerlickin' Pig-Stickin' Present

Pulled pork - - - - that is what he said was in his package he had under his arm and he advised us to put it in the fridge right away. "It was a long trip up from North Carolina and I want to be sure you get it fresh and with the authentic barbecue taste intact. It's been a tough two weeks working down there with the school protests still going on, but I have learned that those Southerners do know something about how to eat. Nothing like it up here in staid New England, no spice and no zap at all, we go for soft-boiled eggs and milktoast for breakfast, with a few raisins we think it is the way to start a good day at the office. You try this, it will change your life."

My wife who is a gourmet cook took the package reverentially, unwrapped it in alone in the kitchen with a few gasp of unbelief, and called to the diningroom to ask what it actually was.

"Why, that's the famous BBQ pulled pork, you never heard of it. Shows how provincial we New Englanders really are, our idea of the South is New Orleans a week a year and Miami Beach in wintertime. There is a whole vital world down there, you should come down with me some time soon. I have to tell you, pig pickin' is a great country style event , that's for sure."

Pulled Pork? he asked his wife. What in the world can that mean? Maybe something like the scene in the Greek play where the women tear apart the man who snooped on their religious rites. . . .and wasn't it with their fingers? But I don't see the connection, probably some scholar from Chapel Hill has written a study for the TAPA on that subject.

They had dinner and used up two rolls of paper napkins each before they were done, remarking how tasty this dish was and what a new perception of the deep South this dish gave to this pair of university grad students in rural Vermont. There was of course some left over. Jeanette offer a dish to the cat who asked to be let out, but long eared Rover true to his hound tradition recognized the scent and went for it right off. He was licking his greasy lips all evening and Jeanette said maybe better not let him come up in the bedroom while we watch the evening news for a while. And Harry, maybe you shouldn't let him lick your face for a good morning kiss any more.

William Harris