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It's been some forty years since I made my first welded steel sculptures, but the sheer pleasure of working with torch, arc and grinder has never left me over the decades. As a teacher of the classical languages at Middlebury College, I had time summers to work on new sculptural ideas, and the good fortune not to be dependent on making sculpture for a living, these days a hard row indeed . Sculpture has always been for me a business of turning thoughts and ideas into metal-based forms, and I never felt pressed to rush into construction, which is one of the sculptor's worst dangers. Ideas have to be mellowed in privacy by time, and I intentionally avoided the distractions of galleries, sales, shows and commissions in favor of just doing my own work. But there was a lot of work done, shown and sold to private persons for their homes, much of which you can see in my semi-historical retrospective review on another page.

In the early '60's I had heard about the work of David Smith over in Bolton's Landing which is an hour's drive from Middlebury, so one day I went over to see what he was doing. I spoke with him briefly since he was busy working, spent an afternoon musing in the meadow where his great pieces stood stark and shiny, and then decided to go ahead with my own ideas of form and finish and avoid the dangers of following Smith or anyone else in the current fashion of the time. Art has to come from in-looking, not from surveying the field of what has been done. Just seeing Smith's use of large welded forms and his tentative use of color was an encouraging experience, and I profited much from that short visit.

Let me now send you to an INDEX of the pieces I have been working on recently, along with some essays on Sculpture and Art, and also a review of what I did over the course of all those years. I have new marked pieces which are available to buy with a link "available..." which will take you do an explanation of my ideas on reasonable pricing, to open discussion.

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