• A selection of Latin texts with literary commentary, from Plautus and Cato through the Augustan Poets to Petronius and Augustine. These are organized for the person interested in developing a Reading Knowledge of Latin, and range from very easy readings to the high art of the great poets.


    • "THE INTELLIGENT PERSON'S GUIDE TO LATIN" The the new, much enlarged edition is now available, for information...

    • SCRINIUM LATINUM A Comprehensive Tool-Box for the student and serious amateur of Latin Language and Literature.

    • Allen and Greenough: A LATIN GRAMMAR The final edition of the indispensible reference manual from l903 is at long last online.

    • The Intelligent Person's Guide to Greek is now online, similar in size and scope to the former online Latin Guide.

    • The Gospel of St. Matthew This is a Vulgate Latin "Reader's Edition" in modern book format for continuous reading, followed by a King James Matthew in similar format, an Uncial version as early Roman would have read, and a Verse/Chapter version. For information....

    • Linguistics A brief overview of this wide ranging field.

    • The Two Deadly SINS ....transverbalizing as you read

    • The Other Deadly SIN .... silent-reading

    • Reading Homeric Greek A Project for serious Independent Study

    • A Compact Latin Dictionary usable online, or download and use with browser "offline". This has a 4834 word vocabulary which will cover a great part of general Latin reading, since it is based on the "traditional" vocabulary of Caesar 1-5, Cicero Man. Archias, Catalines, and Vergil Aeneid 1-6.

    • Latin Vocabulary Three word lists: A list of a thousand words used in Caesar with frequencies marked, with links to two more (cumulative) lists for Cicero and Vergil. This is the "traditional" Latin school curriculum, useful for the schools which still go at Latin the hard way.

    • Latin Verbal "Parser" (PC) THis is an online Verbal ending-identifier or Parser, in which you can enter any verbal ending of the 473 posible forms, and it will give you a grammatical definition, and an example with translation. Very useful! But you can read the Mac Parser which is much better and fuller including the noun forms. Download the MetaCard free DEMO and follow instructions for opening Mac Hypercard stacks on your PC.


    • Latin Automatic "Parser" (Mac) A Form Finder in a neat little 3 x 5 card, which will identify all grammatical functions of noun and verb. You enter a complete, inflected Latin word just as you find it in a text, and it finds all the possibilties, with an example. Preferable to the above Parser, BUT only for Mac with download to use.--- But you can read on WIndows 32 the Mac Parser which is much better and fuller including the noun forms. Download the MetaCard free DEMO and follow instructions for opening Mac Hypercard stacks on your PC.

    • Hypercard PLAYER 4.2.1 This is the latest version of the PLAYER which reads Hypercard files (below) on all Mac computers from the 68xxx's to G4. Check if you already have it, if not download here, since you need it for the following. You will also need HOME to work with the above program.

    • FlashCard I A neat little flashcard program in which you can enter words in Latin and English, or in any languages, and browse through clicking with the mouse to show the translation. Also great for learning biology terminology, or terms in any technical field. This comes empty with instructions ffor use; when filled out, each set of words can become a permanent document to keep for use later. Fine for learning sets of new vocabulary.

    • FlashCard II . This is like the above but has an additional feature with the SKIP button, which discards a word which you already know. This imitates the paper printed flashcards of yore, where you threw back in the box the known words, and put a rubber band around the diminishing pack for reading through later. So this "stack" gets smaller and smaller. --- Both these FlashCards can be unloaded to start a new copy with new data entered.

    • SAT plus: English Vocabulary Builder This is a series of 168 English words in flashcard format, but with additional functions for checking words for review later, printing out checked words, and even printing a ten word Quiz based on a random sampling of the shuffled list. Copy the Quiz for the class and make sure they are getting ready for the exams.

    • SAT plus: More English words This is similar to the above, but it has 244 slightly more advanced words. These were garnered from various past SAT tests with the author's addition of words which he feels students getting ready for college should know. When the students have mastered #1, you have a surprise in store for them with this one.

    • A 5 x 7 file card The old 5 x 7 file card was for many people the best way to organize information and quotations for a term paper or a thesis or a book. This electronic version has the convenience of instant FIND on any word anywhere in a thousand cards or more, cards can be deleted when not needed, and a new one added so you never run out of cards again. Since you can copy and paste in and out, this becomes a working part of what you are writing, and each scrolling page can contain up to 30K, the better part of a book chapter