• A Latin 'Tool Box' Useful materials right at hand for the student and serious amateur of Latin.

  • The Latin Authors A dozen short sketches as an Introduction.

  • Background Materials Prolegomena to the study of Latin...

  • English vs. Latin The student's native English is the worst block to learning Latin, since the two languages have diametrically opposed notions of Grammar. Suggested reading for students coming down with "Grammar-itis"

  • "The Intelligent Person's Guide to Latin" Reviewing or resuming Latin, people find this book a guiding torch in the penumbral areas of Latin Grammar.

  • Greek Mythology and Pre-History A detailed study in twelve chapters.
  • __________
    1. The Two Deadly SINS . . . . . #1: transverbalizing as you read

    2. The Other Deadly SIN . . . .#2: silent-reading

    3. Vergil:The Secret Life Drawing on materials from the ancient Lives or Vitae of Vergil, a detailed account of the largely unknown aspects of this great poet's curious personality.

    4. Translation as Art and Craft

    5. Caesar and the Ten Little Indians Caesar's Legions AND how Classics military propaganda fueled the U.S. Indian Wars...

    6. The original ROMULUS Latin Project l996 ..... reviewed in comparison with the Perseus Latin Project

    7. VERGIL: Dido and Aeneas -- A Studio Opera: Text and translation with full commentary, in an elaborate Scenario. It can be read with the first book of the Aeneid. Or it can be used with improvised readings as a "Radio Drama".

    8. Vergils' Georgics for Green generation reading . . . and the problem of Intertextuality. NEW.

    9. Vergil:The Secret Life Drawing on materials from the ancient Lives or Vitae of Vergil, a detailed account of the largely unknown aspects of this great poet's curious personality. Important reading as background for serious students.

    10. Catullus' CYBELE Text, commentary and translation as a Scenario for a Dramatic Musical Ballet Performance, or used as literary commentary to the Latin text of Catullus' Poem 63 on the castrating cult of the Great Mother Goddess CYBELE.

    11. CYBELE Domina Dindymi The ancient ritual of the Great Goddess attended by castrated priests, in a detailed scenario, after Catullus 63,

    12. Christians at RomeThe remarkable correspondence between the Magistrate Pliny and Emperor Trajan on the "Christian Problem, Latin text and English translation.

    13. Horace Some poems in English translation

    14. Catullus Some poems in English translation

    15. I: Catullus 32 . . . . a new study on this frank erotic poem and a "Farewell Ipsithilla"

    16. II: Catullus 42 . . . . a frank review of the hendecasyllabic Elves and the dirty whore.

    17. III: Catullus 35 . . . . Lesbia and sexual impotence and the Rite of Cybele.

    18. IV: Catullus 97 and Catullus 98 . . . . a fresh look at two very dirty poems.

    19. Plautus: From the Rudens Three Social Scenes:
      Sicilian Fisherman's Complaint. The Slave's Dreams of Grandeur. Roof Swallows for Luck.

    20. Cato: De Agricultura Very early prose on running a farm, ground level Latin uncolored by poetry or rhetoric!

    21. Vitruvius: De Architectura Selections to give an idea of the scope and especially the 'normal' Latin usage of a working architectural-craftsman.

    22. Lucretius: Prolog Book I A brilliant sample of Lucretius on science in poetry.

    23. Caesar Book V on the ethnology of the Gauls and Germans, far more interesting reading nowadays than the War Commentaries.

    24. Catullus: Fifty Two Poems ...with comment, in a new arrangement:
      Love Poems #1+, Love-Hate Poems #85+, Poems about People #10+, Literary Criticism #16+, and Art-Poems #4+, including 61 and 63 entire.

    25. Catullus 85 ...odi et amo, a short poem with long comment.

    26. Vergil:The Secret Life Drawing on materials from the ancient Lives or Vitae of Vergil, a detailed account of the largely unknown aspects of this great poet's curious personality.

    27. VERGIL: The Master Poet INDEX to ten Vergilian studies and texts.

    28. A HORACE Reader ....with many commented texts, including the three items below.

    29. Horace ODES 1.5 Quis multa gracilis.... Love in the grotto, with a twist at the end.

    30. Horace ODES 1.9 Vides ut alta stet... A winter tale dreaming of youth and springtime.

    31. Horace ODES 3.12 Miserarum est neque amore... The girl's sad role: DOMI SEDIT LANAM FECIT

    32. Propertius I,21 and 22 Two remarkable little War Poems.

    33. Propertius 4.11: Cornelia's Funeral Elegy This long poem is a brilliantly written document on the Roman Woman and her sense of character.

    34. Tacitus: Germania The whole of this invaluable and unique treatise on the customs of the Germans of the 2 dn c. A.D.

    35. Pervigilium Veneris Short introduction and the full Latin text of a remarkable and unique piece of 3 c. AD accentual Latin poetry. This text is hard to find, I suggest printing it out.

    36. Latin Inscriptions The Univ. of Frankfurt has an excellent 70 pp. selections of CIL Inscriptions from early to late, well worth printing the whole file.

    37. THE VULGATE: The Gospel of St. Matthew For learning to read Latin with ease and speed, the Latin Vulgate is an ideal reader; and of course good for Christians who will not find the Gospel in their school curricula. This version: a)The Latin in paragraphs; b) The King James vs. ; c) An "uncial" version; d)Standard bible Chapter and Verse.
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    38. A rare Little Medieval Poem

    39. Drama Absurdum Si amas Becketti GODOT, inspice hoc dramatis fragmentum ex MS antiquiore deductum.

    40. College Tutorials for Freshmen? Advice for HS Latin-trained students entering college, where to find a small and personal class to balance the usual Freshman offerings.

    41. Allen & Greenough : PartI: FORMS The final l903 edition of the indispensible reference manual. and Allen &Greenough Part II: SYNTAX This was written as the first A&G online, but now that you can get a paper copy of the l903 book.

    42. A+G Part I Forms and A+G Part II Syntax . This is most useful version as a stripped text-only version (without macra for searchability) to copy/paste to your HD for individual searching with your word processing program. No paradigms. You can search down to an individual grammatical form or term or word .... most useful.

    William Harris
    Prof. Em. Middlebury College