1. The Intelligent Person's Guide to Greek This is an entry level introduction for someone thinking of Greek, but also a review grammar which puts everything in a logical perspective. Standard textbooks give you the grammar piece by piece, like a slice of pizza without indicating that the whole is round.

  2. All the Greek grammatical 'Endings' A synoptic view of the inflectional terminations of Greek grammar, a useful outline and good for reference.

  3. The Greek Accents and Classical Pronunciation A basic statement about our misuse use of pitch and duration in ancient Greek!

  4. Reading your Homer Will it be optical from a text, or acoustic from your oral performance? A detailed study of this and related problems about text and sound. NEW

  5. Notes on Reading Homer closely. . . . Reading the Greek carefully, I still find things to discover sixty years after my Greek 101 course. NEW

  6. "On Looking into Homer's Homer...." Centuries of change in reading Homer, as we relegate him to "Classics in English Translation".

  7. Homeric Prolegomena .... three protreptic essays for private study of Greek: I Background, II Direct Reading, III..some other new paths .

  8. The "Homer Performance Project " A study of the problems which face reconstruction of the sound of Homer's epic language, with notes for new performance-reading style.

  9. Reading the Dactylic Hexameter A practical approach to Homeric verse in an acoustically satisfying, realtime reading mode.

  10. "On Translating Homer...?" Here are a few considerations beyond Matthew Arnold's famous l861 essay, from 2000.

  11. Reading Your Homer: What are the best translations? New thoughts beyond the above paper, from 2008.

  12. On Reading Homer... A project for independent study of Homeric Greek

  13. The Greek text of Iliad I A complete printable version of the first book with the speeches demarcated for natural reading. Useful after your textbook course for continuous reading. Printable as a 27 pp. pdf file. Download Adobe Reader .

  14. Homer the Hostage A new view of Homer as a man from Troy exchanged with Greeks as a security hostage or 'homeros', explaining his two-sided awareness of both Greek and Trojan in the "Trojan War".

  15. HELEN and the Trojan War OR IRAQ and the WMD Whether 1225 B.C. or 2002 it seems to be the same old story about whether the cause was really there at all.

  16. Is Homer's "Trojan War" in the right century?

  17. Homer and the Philologists On close-reading of the Text, avoiding the quicksand of aeons of scholarly disquisition....

  18. Approaching the Ancient Epic Problems of access to Homer and Vergil, in history, society and language

  19. Iliad I Greek text ...... pdf. and printable with three line to the page for writing in your notes.

  20. Sappho and Greek Poetry A study on her life, her world and her art, detailed analysis as Micro-structure. Greek and English text. As a .pdf file, printable 134 pages.
    Download Adobe Reader .

  21. Sappho and her Poetry A 30 page study of Sappho, shorter than the above article, with text in transcription, translation and detailed commentary. With link to the newly discovered papyrus Poem 58. and grammatical analysis.

  22. The newly found papyrus poem No. 58 with img. of the papyrus, the Greek text restored and a translation.

  23. Sappho: Fragment 1 A detailed study and interpretation of her one complete poem. Text is included in transliteration

  24. Greek 101 : SAPPHO A short course in Aeolic Greek for beginners, no credits or charge, but do drop in for a look.

  25. Archilochus: First poet after Homer The Greek text with translation and literary commentary, pdf. 115 pp. printable.
    Download Adobe Reader .

  26. PINDAR Pythian VIII The Greek text with translation and literary commentary, pdf. 96 pp. printable.
    Download Adobe Reader to read this.

  27. Word list with detailed grammar for the above study on Pindar Pyth 8. Print out this pdf. paper on the grammar to read along with the above.

  28. PINDAR Olympian I This is a test to see if an enthusiastic person with one semester Greek grammar can actually read the beginning of this famous and complex .poem.

  29. Heraclitus The complete fragments of Heraclitus in English translation, followed by a detailed commentary with new interpretations.

  30. Heraclitus A new edition of the above study with translation and commentary, and the full Greek text.

  31. The Pythagorean Counsels A detailed study with translation of the long neglected Counsels from the Pythagorean monastic world, with new interpretations.

  32. EUHEMERUS and Greek Mythic History A detailed study of Euhemerism and the myths in twelve chapters.

  33. Plato and Mathematics A study in the various ways in which Plato used math. as a basis for his logic, with the change toward intuition evidenced in the Meno and afterwards.

William Harris
Prof. Em. Middlebury College