Essays on the Classics

  • The Classics, a review from 1800 - 2000 Gains and losses from Classics in Translation. NEW.

  • The Latin Authors A dozen short sketches as an Introduction.

  • Background Materials Prolegomena to the study of Latin...

  • Greek Mythology and Pre-History A detailed study in twelve chapters.

  • Unraveling Mythology Greek Mythology is so popular today that we often miss the way it traces back by a tortuous route to the early Greeks and Homer .

  • BANAUSIA: Can the Greek working man really think. . . .? A look at ancient Athens compared to modern America, with a few cautions and some regrets.

  • Essays on Homer . . . . for a series of several papers on Homer.

  • Vergils' Georgics for Green generation reading . . . and the problem of Intertextuality. NEW.

  • Scrinium Latinum A Comprehensive Tool-Box for the student and serious amateur of Latin Language and Literature.

  • "The Intelligent Person's Guide to Latin" The the new, much enlarged edition is now available, for information...

  • Translation as Art and Craft . . . with some samples.
    1. On Literature Suggestion for a wide-angle approach to the understanding of the literary Classics from the ancient world, as read in a modern setting.

    2. Linguistics A brief overview of this wide ranging field.

    3. Linguistic Prolegomena to Studying a Language A formal approach to the forms, functions and logic of English, as prolegomena for language study.

    4. Vergil the Prophet: ON IRAQ Vergil as a Western I-Ching may still have some value.

    5. What is a "Classic"? ......and how to make a Classic.

    6. A Requiem for Philology . . . .with a note about Harvard's redoubtable Prof. Joshua Whatmough

    7. On the State of Classics Problems with the academic field of Classics, where it is coming from and where it is going.

    8. The Greek Accents and Classical Pronunciation A basic statement about our misuse use of pitch and duration in ancient Greek !

    9. Cinema and Poetry A study of visual materials inherent in Classical poetry, with two short examples of overlooked poems from Horace and Propertius

    10. The Poet and the Spectrograph Tools for analysis of the "Microstructure" of Greek, Latin and English poetry

    11. INTOLERANCE: An Academic Drama in Nine Acts Pliny's Christians vis a vis MacCarthy's Communists in a classroom presentation (of sorts)

    12. Arrowsmith A short note on the death of a major controversial figure in the American Classical scene.

    13. A Theophrastan Character A wry description of a kind of Professor we have all known, part of the academic scene of the closing century perhaps, but not an extinct species.

    14. A Roman Satellite Aloft A celestial Appellate Court based legal surveillance system.

    15. Drama Absurdum Si amas Becketti GODOT, inspice hoc dramatis fragmentum ex MS antiquiore deductum.

    16. On Reading Homer... A project for independent study of Homeric Greek

    17. "On Looking into Homer's Homer...." Centuries of change reading Homer, as we drag him to the Trash.

    18. HOMER the Hostage A new view of the proto-Homer as a Luwian speaking Ilioni taken as hostage to Mycene as royal poet of the Greeks.

    19. HOMER'S Trojan War PROJECT: Bardic Readings with visual imagery from the Iliad linked to Greek archaeology, geography, and artwork, as an outline for an innovative filmmaker.

    20. Homer and the Philologists On close-reading of the Text, avoiding the quicksand of aeons of scholarly disquisition....

    21. Archilochus: First Poet after Homer The Greek text with translation and literary Commentary. pdf, 115 pp. printable.
      Download Adobe Reader to read this.

    22. CYBELE: The Lady of Dindymus Scenario for a Ballet on the castration cult of the Magna Mater, with translation and text.

    23. Vergil Scenario for a Radio-Drama Presentation of the Aeneid Book I, with a visual commentary and acoustically designed translation.

    24. Letter to a Latin Student....

    25. Caesar and the Ten Little Indians How Classics military propaganda fueled the Indian Wars...

    26. Homer Redivivus ! The revival of Homeric studies in the l8 th c., and his supreme position in world-literature today (but, alas, only in translation).

    27. The Crucifixion and Petronius In Memoriam Eric Mitchell.

    28. The Purple of Kings An investigation why Homer calls the Sea, Blood and the Rainbow all PURPLE?

    29. Christians at Rome The remarkable correspondence between the Magistrate Pliny and Emperor Trajan on the "Christian Problem, Latin text and English translation.

    30. Romulus: A reference A short discussion and reference with linked URL to the ROMULUS paper published April l996. The counter showed 10,000 readings in 2 years before it was taken off.....

    31. Heraclitus The complete fragments of Heraclitus in English translation, followed by a detailed commentary with interpretations.

    32. The Pythagorean Counsels A detailed study with translation of the long neglected "Counsels" from the Pythagorean monastic world, with new interpretations.

    33. Aristotle This is an entirely new approach to the Pity and Fear problem, based on Greek mathematical reasoning.

    34. Plato and Mathematics A study in the various ways in which Plato used math. as a basis for his logic, with the change toward intuition evidenced in the Meno and afterwards.

    35. President Calvin Coolidge: Classicist or Politician? In 1921 as VP Coolidge was by no means taciturn, as this liberal paper on the Classics demonstrated. But by 1924 he became involved with singularly unpleasant legislation, here briefly reviewed at 75 th Anniversary of his Inauguration.

    36. Homer's King of Men We have never had a reasonable etymology for Gr. anax 'king'...a new direction!

    37. A rare Little Medieval Poem

    38. Pervigilium Veneris Short introduction and the full Latin text of a remarkable and unique piece of 3 c. AD accentual Latin poetry. This text is hard to find, I suggest printing it out.

    39. Vergil- The Secret Life Drawing on materials from the ancient Lives or Vitae of Vergil, a detailed account of the largely unknown aspects of this great poet's curious personality. Important reading as background for serious students.

    40. Vitae Verg. A shortened and edited edition of the "Secret Life" for students,similar materials to the above.

    41. LATIN: Why study it at all? Some thoughts for the new Millennium.

    42. Economics in Greece A short outline of some thoughts on trade, barter and the rise of monetary systems in ancient Greece.

    William Harris
    Prof. Em. Middlebury College