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  • As few as five people can raise hundreds of dollars.

  • Money raised through delivery free from finance committee restrictions.

  • Delivery is a great way to gain visibility for your cause.

  • Scheduling a delivery booking for your group can be flexible.

  • No prior Grille experience is required to "do" delivery.

Use Grille Delivery to Make Money for Your Cause.

For several years student clubs and organizations have used Grille Delivery to raise hundreds, even thousands of dollars for their general budgets or special interests.

Until now, the groups accessing delivery as a fund raiser were only the few groups "in the know." This year, as budgets tighten & more student groups compete for funds from the finite amount available, the staff at the Grille has expanded their capacity to allow more student groups to use delivery as a means to raise money.

If you, or an organization you know, want to make some money, now is the time to schedule a delivery booking - use the e-mail link below to make your request.

Please include the organization's or group's name and an approximate monetary goal with the general time of the semester you'd like to be making deliveries. You may want to read the FAQs by clicking on the devil to the right.

(Responses may take a few days based on Grille staffing.)

Act now by sending and e-mail to grilleevents





The Devil's in the Details.

Delivery FAQs

Click the devil for the details.