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In my spare time (whenever that may be) I am a RUGBY enthusiast and a referee in the New England Rugby Football Union and the USARRA. Highlights of my career include: USA Under-20 vs. Boston Irish Wolfhounds Super League (2007); South American 7's (2007); Canada Women A vs. USA Women A (2003); Men's National Championship Semi Final and Consolation (2003); Men's National Club Sevens Championships (2002); USA Super League (2000-03); National All-Star Championship (1999-2002); Collegiate All-Star Final (2002); The Northeast Men's Division I Club Final (2002); Men's Collegiate Div 1 Northeast Final . I was also fortunate enough to have gone on exchange to Gloucestershire, England in March 1999, and to have refereed with the Buenos Aires Referees Society while doing research in Argentina in 2000-2001 and with the Santiago and Chilean Refrees Society while doing research in Chile in 2006-2007.

Have a look at some of my favorite rugby links:


Excellent source of Rugby news and happenings. Good US and Canada coverage.

Combination news source from the Sydney Morning Herald, NZ Herald and the Independent (South Afruica)

Another UK-based Rugby news service. Carries Brian Lowe's column "Across the Pond" covering the US Rugby scene.

buttonARN American Rugby News.



Other Links

Middlebury College Rugby Club --

buttonUSA Rugby -- Home of USARFU. Click on the competitions button (on the right) for David Pelton's comprehensive guide to the playoffs

New England Rugby Football Union Our local governing body.

IRB Home Page Home to the International Rugby Football Board. An updated version of the laws online plus abundant international information.

New England Rugby Referees Home Page Information about us and for us.


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