Middlebury College

Current Courses

  • 2015-16: Academic Leave.

    Courses Previously Taught

    Differential Geometry, Topics in Geometry, Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Topics in Algebra, Linear Algebra, Chance (an interactive statistics course), Multivariable Calculus (standard and honors), Calculus I, Calculus II, Gambling: Is It a Good Bet? (a winter term course), The Shape of Space (a winter term course), The Story of Geometry (a first-year seminar), and Food and Choice (a first-year seminar).

    Senior Theses Advised

  • Spencer Egan, "Semisimple Lie algebras and their classification," Spring 2015.
  • Kevin Liang, "Matrix groups as manifolds," Fall 2014.
  • Alexander Beall, "Interpreting hyperbolic geometry," Spring 2014.
  • Hannah Staiger, "A discussion of geoemetry using the Erlanger Programm," Spring 2014.
  • Trevor Pollock, "Non-Euclidean geometry: describing the hyperbolic plane," Spring 2013.
  • Nicholas Stringfellow, "An introduction to orbifolds," Spring 2013.
  • Gavin Bauer, "Matrix groups," Spring 2012.
  • Aaron Jylkka, "Geometry of manifolds and tensors," Spring 2012.
  • Robert Nicol, "The geometry of musical chords," Spring 2011.
  • Phuong Le, "The mathematical foundations of general relativity," Spring 2009.
  • Olivia Minkhorst, "Arts and crafts with Riemann surfaces," Spring 2009.
  • Samuel Shoutis, "Manifolds: topology, differentiability, and beyond...," Spring 2008.
  • Magdalena Widjaja, "An exploration of Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries," Spring 2007.
  • Tamara Bogojevic, "Matrix groups," Fall 2006.
  • Caitlin Brandon, "Underlying geometries of classical and modern physics," Fall 2005.
  • Gregory Petrics, "Closed geodesics," Fall 2005.