Vocally Grown

Stand Up Eight:
In December 2010, the Dissipated Eight returned to Mad Oak Studios in Allston, MA to record Stand Up Eight. Featuring song arrangements by seven different group members and a diverse mix of soloists, the album showcases the group's wide array of musical and vocal talents. We hope you enjoy it!

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Stand Up Eight

  1. Take It Easy
    Solo: Andy Cohen
  2. I'm Yours
    Solo: Harlan Daubert
  3. Georgia On My Mind
    Solo: Khalid Tellis
  4. Streetcorner Symphony
    Solo: Johnny Echevarria
  5. I'm Gonna Find Another You
    Solo: Drew Waxman
  6. Mykonos
    Solo: Harlan Daubert
  7. Because
    Solos: Johnny Echevarria, Ty Carleton, Harlan Daubert
  8. Heaven's On Fire
    Solo: Ty Carleton
  9. Rich Girl
    Solo: Drew Waxman
  10. I've Got the World on a String
    Solo: Brian Clow
  11. Aura Lee
    Solo: None
  12. All These Things that I've Done
    Solo: Andrew Forsthoefel