We're always excited to book shows, and we can perform at a wide range of functions.
But we also love receiving feedback! So please get in touch with us:

By Email (our preferred method)

For general inquiries or comments, as well as dealings with bookings and other business concerns, e-mail our friendly Business Manager, Harrison Schroder [hschroder@middlebury.edu].

For musical concerns, feel free to have a chat with our Music Director, the one and only Tai Hu [rhu@middlebury.edu].

Found any broken links or outdated content? Have some suggestions for the website? Just e-mail our webmaster, Erick Masias [emasias@middlebury.edu], and tell him anything you notice that needs to be fixed. Please write Dissipated Eight Website in the Subject.

We don't spend ALL of our time singing. McCarthy Wright [cmwright@middlebury.edu], our Social Manager can explain.

What a close-knit bunch we are. For matters concerning members of the extended family, talk to our Alumni Liaison, Erick Masias [emasias@middlebury.edu].

By Phone/Voicemail

(970) 819 - 8858

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