Class Last Name First Name Solos Arrangements
1955 Baldwin Peter A. We Three
1955 Ackerman John W.
1955 Baker Ellis B.
1955 Gray Peter B.
1955 Highley Seward T.
1955 Opler Ed
1955 Streeter Leslie D.
1956 Dole C. Minot
1956 Hammond John A.
1956 Harrington John S.
1956 Potier Ronald D.
1957 Ohslund Ronald K.
1957 Sims George R.
1958 Auger Jules J. Old Joe and a few others pretty much we all shared in the arranging
1958 Bates David E.
1958 Johnson Robert C.
1958 Metcalf George P.
1958 Rowe M. Richmond
1958 Smith Theodore H. III
1959 Jones Robert A.
1959 Parker Lewis A.
1959 Ray Robert W. Old Joe
1959 Raymond Roger V.
1960 Clark Lincoln G.
1960 Hopkins David H.
1960 Ingram Robert G.
1960 Lardner Breck S.
1960 Rappel Richard W.
1960 Seymour John E.
1961 Butler William L.
1961 Logan George I Don't Know Why, Aura Lee, Moonglow
1961 Pearl Robert C.
1961 Vonderahe Bert Old Joe
1962 Holtz Steve Tear It Down (verse), Old Joe
1962 Sutherland Frank
1963 Beauregard John
1963 Brandrup Douglas W.
1963 Freeman Harold C.
1963 Roach Rodney W.
1964 Fink Byron P.
1964 Kelley Marvin L.
1964 McCormack James T.
1965 Allen John P.
1965 Green Jonathan D.
1965 Lowe Norman H.
1965 Murdoch James W.
1966 Curtis Stephen M.
1966 Wolcott Barry W.
1967 Avery Andrew C.
1967 Baker Sheldon
1967 Kasprow Barry W.
1967 Liccardi John S.
1967 Richardson William E.
1967 Robinson David Jamaica Farewell, I Don't Know Why I Love You (Like I Do),Blue Moon, Gentleman from Savannah, Goodnight Little Girl, and many more
1968 Carleton David
1968 Knobler Peter Little Darlin'
1968 Limon Stephen M.
1968 Whall Clifford Little Darlin bass solo
1970 Hardin M. Brewster
1970 Johnston Thomas C.
1971 Curry Brian D.
1971 Thorn Peter A.
1972 Cullen Gavin T.
1972 Harman Scott Old Joe
1972 Merritt Michael L.
1972 Missildine Daniel W.
1972 Paletti Paul R.
1972 Seymour Edward
1973 Collister Richard Lance
1973 Lewis Peter S.
1973 Ongley Lois
1973 Wentzel Andrew Old Joe I didn't arrange but introduced:,All My Trials, Softly as I leave you, Jordan River, Chariot, Yes Sir That's My Baby
1973 White Erskine N.
1974 Avey Steven A.
1974 Duncan John W.
1974 Maher William L.
1974 Rub Timothy F.
1975 Concepcion, Jr. Geno
1975 Higgins John W.
1975 Leavitt Richard
1976 Barron Christopher L. I don't know why I love you like I do
1976 Benjamin Alan A.
1976 Hostage David W.
1976 Nichols Peter B.
1977 Katz Michael A.
1977 Mason-Osann Richard S.
1977 Wellington Jeffrey A.
1977 Young Edward C.
1978 Carlson Thomas Z.
1978 Davis Thomas H.
1978 Glavin Robert E.
1978 Kessler Stephen The Lion Sleeps Tonight, With a Little Help From My Friends
1979 Greene Peter D.
1979 Sabia Randall J.
1980 Ahmann Steven L.
1980 Fleming F. Scott
1980 Hlavacek Lawrence L.
1980 McCary David House of Blue Lights, Old Tom Wilson Sophmoric Philosophy
1980 Rietsema Wouter J.
1980 Shulman Ken Runaround Sue, In The Still of the Night Runaround Sue, In The Still of the Night, Sh'boom
1980 Turco Paul A.
1981 Auber Andrew Blue Moon, Guitar solos - I Know You Rider, All My Lovin Sister Golden Hair, I Know You Rider
1981 Burleigh Jonathan B.
1981 Foster T. Jack
1982 Blum Carrie Markgraf
1982 Noonan John D. House of Blue Lights, Saloon
1982 Vergara John love potion #9
1983 Baker Jonathon Blue Moon
1983 Collins David H. Lion Sleeps Tonight, Blue Moon, Ride the Chariot, Good Lovin House of Blue Lights
1983 Durning David M.
1983 Elish Daniel B.
1983 Hadden John A. For What It's Worth, You Don't Remember Me
1983 Kuhn Stephen B. Love Potion #9
1983 Nalen Peter H.
1984 Martin William H. L.
1985 MacKenzie Donald D.
1985 Revelle Dave Tracks, Satin Doll
1985 Siatras Karen E.
1986 Bromley James H.
1986 Burden William S.
1986 Byers Christopher D. Blue Moon, Bermuda, Tracks of my Tears, My Girl, Slap that Bass, Leave It, um, can't remember any others Rivers of Babylon
1986 Downey Peter T.
1986 Ewing F. Lawrence
1986 Reiner Clark B.
1986 Weber Jake T.
1987 Aymar John Guitar stuff, House of Blue, Jamaica, Babylon, Only You (harmony)
1987 Hindman Don And She Was, Run Around Sue, Tears on my Pillow, Jamaica
1987 Linehan Peter D.
1987 Romig Clifton Satin Doll,Sh-Boom,Lion Sleeps,House of Blue Lights,Love Potion
1987 Siewert Nick My Girl, Only You, Down on the Corner, Slap That Bass, For the Longest Time
1988 Berube Richard O.
1988 Riegel Dicky My Girl, Only You
1989 Campbell Mike House of Blue, Quitcha
1989 Fauntroy Howard Tracks of My Tears, Hodja
1989 Ormsby Eric Blue Moon, Return to Sender
1989 Pennell Keith W.
1989 Walker Kevin S.
1990 Bittenbender Kevin Love Potion, Satin Doll Superstition, Billie Jean
1990 Bowe Michael D.
1990 Briggs Jim And She Was, Runaround Sue, Naturally, Down on the Corner, Leave It, Barnacle Bill Naturally, Factory
1990 McGuire Mike
1990 Naughton Greg
1990 Perkins Edwin R.
1990 Skiff Rob
1991 Emerson Christopher J.
1991 Prudencio Rodrigo Only You, Is She Really ing Out With Him?, Solsbury Hill Is She Really ing Out With Him (with a lot of help from Keith Pennel!)
1991 Reilly David A.
1992 Ayers Justin Quitcha, Bermuda Farewell, Shaboom, Tempted, Slap That Bass Let My Love Open the Door (weak)
1992 Coyne Daniel My Girl (ironically), Blackbird (when Trevor wasn't coping), Is She Really ing Out With Him (in a pinch)
1993 Carlson Erik I was the actual voice behind all of Ratboy's solos (Take Ya Back, Billie Jean, Tempted, Superstition, White Rabbit) who lip-synced since he really couldn't sing. He was my puppet. Um...
1993 Halpern Ben Boogie Nights, Satin Doll
1993 Lovett Ed Golly, so many...write a book,blue moon white rabbit,solsbury,end of the party,couple others with ratboy rothstein
1993 Moran Trevor Blackbird
1993 Rothstein Jon Take Ya' Back, Billy Jean, Tempted, Superstition, White Rabbit, Lion, Oh Darlin Solsbury Hill, Tempted
1993 Yeoman Matthew S. Blue Moon, Tracks of my Tears, Satin Doll Billie Jean
1994 Butler Chris only you, takin' it to the streets, is she, blackbird
1994 Janes Scott End of the Party, Let my Love Open the Door, and for three lovely days: Lion Sleeps tonight
1994 Nathanson Gabriel Blue Moon, My Girl
1994 Newsome Britt B.
1994 Reid Aaron Superstition, Blue Moon, Late in the Evening
1994 Roth Erik Blue Moon
1995 Fellinger Jefferey For what it's worth (co), Nightswimming
1995 Lord Jason E.
1996 Davis Blaine T.
1996 Villa Mark T.
1997 Alfiero Rian One Slip, Send Me On My Way, Only If, Baby Will Raam, Crowded World, Running To Stand Still, Hush, Solsbury Hill, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Blue Moon, Blackbird, Shaboom, Satin Doll'Lovers Never Say odbye, Crowded World, Running To Stand Still
1997.5 Alford-Sanchez Luis Billy Jean, End of the Party
1997 Bierman Clint Write a Book, Oxygen, For What it's Worth, Send me on My Way, Try Not to Breath Nightswimming, For What it's Worth, Glide, Oxygen, Send me On My Way
1997 Elicker Justin Don't Worry Be Happy, Bear Necessities, Satellite, Only If (With Rian) Don't Worry Be Happy, Bear Necessities,Satellite, Only If, Get Down Tonight, Barely Breathing, What I Got (With Lil' Buddy), Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, I Just Wanna Fly
1997 Lowell Jonathan L.
1997 Ritter Andrew R. Hush, I Do, Hope that Somethin' Better comes Along (Ralph the Dog), Oxygen
1997 Smith Andrew Quitcha, Lovers, Blue Moon, Hush Glide
1997 Stouffer Craig
1997 Turnier Christopher N.
1998 Knightly Pat takin it to the streets (lowell you bastard), She, Blue Moon
1998 Mooney A. John Get Down Tonight, Late in the Evening, Ain't No Sunshine
1999 Molina Chris A Wink and a Smile, Brought to My Senses, Get Down Tonight Two Step, If You Can't Say No, Brought to My Senses, Good Things, She
1999 Touloumtzis David A. What I Got, Barely Breathing, Two Step, Blue Moon And So It Goes, Try Not to Breathe, Baby Will Raam, Nearness of You, Goodbye Blue Sky, Silent in the Morning
2000 Ault David Hush,She,Hangin Around,Stairway To Heaven
2000 Elmore Samuel Good Things, Lion Sleeps Tonight, Tracks of My Tears, Black or White, Brought to my Senses Good things
2000 Manfredi Kevin Black or White, Windmills, Fly, Send Me On My Way, Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes, Taking It To The Streets, All I Want, Blackbird, Oxygen (Harmony)
2000 Sholk Eric Drift Away,Concrete and Clay,Oxygen, Silent in the Morning, Try Not to Breathe,I Do Here we ,Poison (performed once)
2001 Bergquist Neil Barely Breathing,Up On the Roof,Earth Angel,My Girl Break it Down Again,Hangin Around
2001 Carleton Erik Quitcha, Africa, Unbelievable, Running to Stand Still, Windmills Always Something There to Remind Me, Rodeo Clowns, Comfortably Numb...I forget.
2001 Mitton Andy God Only Knows, Power of Love, Late in the Evening, Hope that Something Better Comes Along, You'll be in My Heart, Washing of the Water, Desert Rose Hope that Something Better Comes Along, Power of Love, Here We , Always Something There to Remind Me, God Only Knows, Windmills, Movin' Out (Anthony's Song), Up on the Roof, Wink and a Smile, Africa, Black or White, Heroes and Villains, You'll be in My Heart, Doin it All For My Baby, Earth Angel, Washing of the Water, Unbelievable, Desert Rose, Shenandoah
2002 Baroody David J. Silent in the Morning
2002 Fisk Graham Always Something There to Remind Me,Golden Slumbers,Heroes and Villains,Shenendoah (w/Valky) Golden Slumbers (w/Seanny),Heroes and Villains (w/Andy),Dirty Work,Enjoy the Silence,Freedom '90
2002 Nelson Sean Bare Necessities, Enjoy the Silience Golden Slumbers (w/Graham)
2002 Ramsey C. David Quitcha, Only If, Running To Stand Still, For What Its Worth, Shaboom, Your Mom?
2002 Valkenburgh Mark Here We Go, If You Can't Say No, Break It Down Again, Shenandoah (second solo) Drift Away, Concrete and Clay
2003 Correale Ben Quitcha, For What It's Worth, Concrete and the Clay, In My Place
2003 Dunseith James Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes, Down With Disease, Bear Necessities In the Meantime
2003 Dybvig Tim Rodeo Clowns, Tears on My Pillow/Write a Book, Two Step, Crowded World, Buddy Holly, Get Down Tonight Concrete and The Clay, If I Ever Feel Better
2003 Studenroth Jacob Send Me, Good Things, If I Ever Feel Better, Lion Nearness of You
2004 Davis Reco Tracks of My Tears, Poison
2004 Jensen Zach
2004 Olcott Michael
2004 Spero Richard All Along the Watchtower, Bear Necessities, Wade in the Water Down with Disease, All Along the Watchtower, In the Meantime, Lifelines, If I Ever Feel Better, Superstition, Black Water, SMB, Wade in the Water, Virtual Insanity, Can't Stop
2005 Gaye Franklyn Blue Moon, Get Down Tonight
2005 Hess Ron Dirty Work, Late in the Evening, Here We , Free Ride
2005 Langer Nat Up on the Roof, Comfortably Numb, Barely Breathing, Only You, Running to Stand Still, Crowded World, Work It Out, Black Balloon Black Water
2005 Lyons Blake We Three, Lilac Wine, Oxygen, Shenandoah, Power of Love, SMB In My Place
2006 Brito Joseph Black Water, Wade in the Water, Free Ride, King of Wishful Thinking Can't Stop, King of Wishful Thinking
2006 Herpel George hangin' around, in the meantime, silent in the morning, washing of the water, for what it's worth, can't stop, oxygen
2006 Velez Kevin In the Meantime, For What It's Worth, Lion Sleeps Tonight, Quitcha, Sixteen Tons The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Loch Lomond, We Three (brought back), The Pink Panther Theme, King of Wishful Thinking (w/Brito), Sixteen Tons, Moonglow (brought back), Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (w/Keith)
2007 Grout Jason Loch Lomond, Washing of the Water, Dirty Work, Up on the Roof, Girl
2007 Long Taylor Diamonds, Philosophy, Africa, Oxygen, Let Me Go, I'd Rather Dance Philosophy, Free Ride, I'd Rather Dance
2007 Williams Keith The Pink Panther Theme, Oxygen, Quitcha, Tracks of My Tears, Get Down Tonight Happiness is a Warm Gun, Wild Night, Jesus etc., Girl (w/Toshi), Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (w/Kevin), Holiday, Time is Running Out
2007 Wolfram Joel Running to Stand Still, Barely Breathing, In My Place, All Along the Watchtower, Jesus Etc., Enjoy the Silence, Lion, For What It's Worth We Can Work It Out, Ring of Fire
2008 Coles Peyton Black Balloon, Windmills, Time is Running Out
2008 Harburg Dan She, Happiness Is a Warm Gun, Africa Black Balloon, Brighter than Sunshine
2008 Hulme Max Late in the Evening, Brighter Than Sunshine
2008 Kido Satoshi Devil Went Down to Georgia, Sixteen Tons Girl
2008 Miller Sam Bear Necessities Somebody to Love, Let Me Go, Joni, Crazy Love, Secret
2008 Parker Ted Wild Night, Pink Panther, Black Water, Washing of the Water, In the Meantime, Boondocks
2008 Peters Andrew In My Place, Somebody to Love, Blue Moon, In The Meantime, Send Me On My Way
2009 Ellis Roberto Brighter Than Sunshine
2009 Joseph Matt We Can Work It Out, Crazy Love, I'm Gonna Find Another You, Here We Go, King of Wishful Thinking, Power of Love, Fix You, Can't Stop, In the Meantime
2009 Lam Jaime
2009 Majorhart Graham
2010 Waxman Drew Diamonds On The Soles of Her Shoes
2011 Cohen Andy Dirty Work,Joni
2011 Forsthoefel Andrew
2011 Kennedy Alex Boondocks, I'm Gonna Find Another You, Take It Easy, All These Things That I've Done (with the help of Stoefel)