Master Schedule: Piano Dedication Weekend

February 28-March 2, 2014

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Key: Performance/Residency Activity Tech/Rehearsal



12:00-8:00 PM Concert Hall available for artist rehearsals ( Allison Coyne Carroll (CC) 802-488-4361 cell
TBD Ray, Meredith, and Nathaniel Rothrock arrive at their convenience via car. Check in at the Swift House Inn. Swift House Inn
TBD Joseph and Elizabeth Polisi arrive at their convenience via car. Check in at the Middlebury Inn. (Conf # 30C8TG) Middlebury Inn
3:00 PM Ensure concert programs delivered to MCA. Welcome packets left at the Inns for Rothrocks, Polisis, and Toth. Allison CC
802-488-4361 cell
11:19 PM

Gwen Toth arrives from LGA on Delta. Met at the gate by Jessica's Vital Transit for transport to Midd. (1 hr. ride).

Jessica's Vital Transit 802-349-8833



12:15 AM Gwen Toth arrives at Inn on the Green.
(Conf # 292656A4905)
Inn on the Green

7:00 AM-12:00 PM

Piano Tuning Ed & Emily Hilbert
12:00-3:00 PM Concert Hall available for artist rehearsals. ( Allison CC
802-488-4361 cell
12:15 PM Allison or Jessie will collect Gwen for 12:30 rehearsal. Allison CC
802-488-4361 cell
2:00-4:00 PM

Flowers delivered for stage and reception.

Shannon Bohler-Small 443-2961
3:00-4:00 PM Set-up Concert Hall for lecture. Media Services
(Ticket # 468378) sets up for recording and projection. 3:45 Usher staff arrives.
Mark Christensen x3174
Petar Mitrevski x2833

4:00 PM

Janie Chester-Young will collect Joseph and Elizabeth Polisi at the Middlebury Inn for transport to Concert Hall.

Janie Chester-Young 802-989-5425 cell

4:05 PM House opens to the public for lecture. Allison CC
802-488-4361 cell
4:30 PM

LECTURE: "The Arts, Education, and the Human Experience" by Dr. Joseph W. Polisi

Allison CC
802-488-4361 cell
5:30 PM Box Office opens for patrons leaving lecture.
Remains open through start of concert.
Debby Anderson
6:00 PM Dinner at 3 South St. for invited guests. Barbara McBride
6:00-7:00 PM

Piano tuning touchup. Catering arrives to start set-up.
Media Services (Ticket # 467824) techs for recording, projections, and overflow streaming.

Ed & Emily Hilbert
7:00-8:00 PM Practice rooms available for artists.
Usher staff arrives.
Allison CC
802-488-4361 cell
7:30 PM

House opens to the public for concert.
Reserved seating for 3 South dinner guests on house left. Dedicated usher available.
Dance Theatre set-up for overflow if needed.

Allison CC
802-488-4361 cell
8:00 PM


Introductory Remarks by Pieter Broucke

Film: Selecting a Steinway

The Piano in Solo Performance
Cameron Toh '17, piano
Shannia Fu '17, piano
David Heschel Liebowitz, piano

The Piano and Early Keyboard Music
Gwendolyn Toth '77

The Piano in Jazz
Felix Klos '14, piano
Dick Forman, piano

The Piano for Singing
Nathaniel Rothrock '12.5, bass/baritone
Jeffrey Buettner, piano

Tech: Mark x3169
Stage Mgr: Jessie T-T

(~9:15 PM)
Reception in the upper lobby.
Ian Martin
9:15 PM Jessica's Vital Transit collects Gwen at the MCA for transport to Ticonderoga. Safe Travels! Jessica's Vital Transit 802-349-8833



Before 12:00 PM Joseph and Elizabeth Polisi check out of the Inn and depart Middlebury. Safe Travels!

Contacts Work Mobile Home
Allison Coyne Carroll, Assoc Dir. PAS 802-443-5697 802-488-4361 802-482-2460
Jessie Tibbs-Tacke '14, Series Asst.   928-581-9575
Janie Chester-Young, Dir. Parent Giv.   802-989-5425
Jeffrey Buettner, Dir. Choral Act.   802-340-9209
Mark Christensen, Concert Hall TD 802-443-3174  
Petar Mitrevski, Media & Tech Svcs Mgr 802-443-2833 802-377-2653
Swift House Inn 802-388-9925  
Middlebury Inn


Inn on the Green 802-388-7512  
Jessica's Vital Transit (taxi)   802-349-8833  
Ed & Emily Hilbert, piano technicians 802-452-3743 802-349-4823