Catherine Cabeen--Hyphen

Middlebury College Performing Arts Series / October 6-12, 2013
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House: 1945 Smead Rd.; Salisbury, VT 05769 | 802-352-4562| Lockbox Cobmo: 81320

Key: Performance/Residency Activity Tech


OCTOBER 6 (Contact: Allison)

9:08 AM Dancers arrive at BTV airport, and collect rental car. Drive to 211 Cottage Lane, Middlebury (1 hr. drive). Welcome to VT!
1:39 PM

Additional dancers Germaul Barnes and Katy MacLellan arrive POH train station. Jessica's Vital Transt will collect for transport to Middlebury.
Drop off luggage at 1945 Smead Road, Salisbury, VT, then proceed to 211 Cottage Ln, Midd.Welcome!

4:00 PM Check into the house (1945 Smead Rd., Salisbury) Lockbox Cobmo: 81320) on north side of house).


OCTOBER 7 (Contact: Allison)

9:00 AM - 1:30 PM Tech: Load-in, Focus (move 160, 277Z to 109)
2:50-4:15 PM GYROKINESIS Master Class with Sarah Lustbader, MCA 110
6:30-10:00 PM Rehearsal (NO tech; student rehearsal to 109)


OCTOBER 8 (Contact: Allison)

9:30-10:45 AM Ballet Master Class with Karena Birk, MCA 109
12:15-4:30 PM Tech: Focus, plus (Pilates & Addie/CB to field house; move 116 to 109; move 160 or 216 to field house, 109 for other)
12:30-3:00 PM Call: Dancers and Musicians - run cues
6:30-10:00 PM Rehearsal (NO tech; newcomers and 360 to observe)


OCTOBER 9 (Contact: Allison)

9:00-11:00 AM Tech: Write cues
12:30-1:20 PM Lec/dem: Movement Invention and Collaboration, MCA 110 (Yoga lab, 376Z observe) Audience invited to bring a bag lunch. Lunch will be provided for the company.
2:50-4:15 PM Attend Catherine's 360 Class, MCA 110
6:30-10:00 PM Tech Rehearsal (student reh to 109, move RIDDIM)


OCTOBER 10 (Contact: Allison)

12:15-3:00 PM Tech: Notes, just Jenn (Cxl newcomers, move Addie/CB to field hous; 116 to 109)
4:30-6:00 PM Company Class (DCM to 109 or take class)
6:00-7:00 PM Company Dinner (in the MCA Lobby...per-performance meal)
6:30 PM Crew Call
8:00 PM Dress Rehearsal (student reh to 109)


OCTOBER 11 (Contact: Shannon)

2:45-4:00 PM Tech: Notes, just Jenn. Note: Shannon takes over today as lead contact.
4:00-6:00 PM Company Class
6:00-7:00 PM Company Dinner (@ The Grille)
6:30 PM Crew Call
8:00 PM Performance 1

Post-performance Discussion with the artists and audience

Post-discussion Post-performance Reception (lower lobby)


OCTOBER 12 (Contact: Shannon)

TBD Tech: Notes, if needed
6:00-7:00 PM Company Class
6:30 PM Crew Call
8:00 PM Performance 2

Post-performance Discussion with the artists and audience

Post talk-back Strike



12:30 PM Jessica's Vital Transit collects Katy and Germaul for transport to POH train station for 2:00 train. Thank you and safe travels!
2.5 hrs<departure Remaining dancers drive to BTV airport, return car, board flight. Thank you and safe travels!

Contacts Work Mobile Home
Allison Coyne Carroll, Assoc. Dir. (Sun-Thu) 802-443-5697 802-488-4361 802-482-2460
Shannon Bohler-Small, Events Mgr. (Fri-Sat) 802-443-2961 802-349-2056
Jenn Ponder, Tech. Director



Artist House: 1945 Smead Rd.; Salisbury , VT

Artist: Catherine Cabeen   646-373-0380
Artist: Sarah Lustbader, Co. Mgr.   505-690-7866
Jessica's Vital Transit 802-349-8833

Series Website: