Bighorn Mountains Dendrochronology

Meteorological data

These data have been used to determine tree ring climate relationships. Files are in the Tucson meteorological data format and can be used with the Dendrochronology Program Library. Missing values in most of these single stations files were estimated from values in a network of stations using the DPL program MET. Click on the filename to download a data file.

Meteorological data files
Wyoming Climatic Division 4
Palmer hydrological drought index 1895-1994 div4wy.phdi 9kb
Palmer drought severity index 1895-1998 div4wy.pdsi 8kb
Precipitation 1895-1998 div4wy.pcp 9kb
Temperature 1895-1998 div4wy.tmp 7kb
Station total monthly precipitation
Worland, WY 1907-1996 worland.pcp 6kb
  Lovell, WY 1909-1996 lovell.pcp 6kb
  Powell, WY 1907-1995 powell.pcp 6kb
  Buffalo Bill Dam, WY 1905-1995 buffalo.pcp 7kb
  Bridger, MT 1908-1994 bridger.pcp 6kb
  Billings, MT  1905-1995 billings.pcp 8kb
Average precipitation at 5 stations (excluding Billings)
  Bighorn Basin 1905-1996 bhornavg.pcp 7kb
Station mean monthly temperature
  Worland, WY 1907-1995 worland.tmp 6kb
  Powell, WY 1907-1995 powell.tmp 6kb
  Buffalo Bill Dam, WY 1905-1995 buffalo.tmp 7kb
Average temperature at 3 stations
  Bighorn Basin 1905-1995 bhornavg.tmp 7kb

 PDSI is the Palmer Drought Severity Index and PHDI is the Palmer Hydrological Drought Index.

Maps of climatic divisions in Wyoming and Montana.

For additional or updated met files for western states, seek:

or for the US Historical Climatology Network stations (generally updated to 1994 or 95) seek:






Met data