Bighorn Mountains Dendrochronology

Inferno Canyon, MT

Inferno Canyon is the northernmost site sampled in 1998. It is a shallow canyon with Utah Juniper common on most surfaces, and forests of limber pine and Douglas fir on some north-facing slopes, especially at the base of rimrock. We found one ponderosa pine with several apparent offspring. Ring width series from cores of living limber pines and cross sections of dead limber pines were included in a chronology which is strongly correlated with climatic records.

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  Utah juniper is common within the canyon and on surfaces surrounding the canyon. View is to the northwest.
  Weather-beaten limber pines like this one are common at the upper rim of the canyon. View is to the west.
  This grove of Douglas fir was logged during the mid 20th century. The oldest limber pines sampled in 1998 were along the rimrock above the douglas firs.
  Steve Gray is coring the oldest limber pine sampled (ILI44). It was alive and the innermost ring in the core was formed in 1459.
   A stip-barked but live limber pine (ILI55) with 509 rings.
   This dead limber pine was not sampled.






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