Bighorn Mountains Dendrochronology

Tensleep Preserve ponderosa pine climate response

These results are preliminary and unpublished. Please do not cite or distribute.

Unlike the Trapper and Inferno chronologies, this chronology is not correlated with divisional PDSI or PHDI. This is unexpected because the chronology is positively correlated with divisional June rainfall and June rainfall at several individual stations, and also negatively correlated with divisional June temperature and June temperature at some stations. These trees are therefore responding to growing season water stress, but the meteorological basis of the stress is not being captured by the divisional drought indices.

The strongest correlations with rainfall records are with those from Worland, WY, the closest station available, which is graphed below. The scatterplot below includes a correlation coefficient (blue) and a regression coefficient (red) for a third-order polynomial regression which is graphed through the data. Other divisional indicies and single-station records are also significantly correlated with this chronology.






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