Bighorn Mountains Dendrochronology

Tensleep Preserve ponderosa pine chronology


 Chronology description

These results are preliminary and unpublished. Please do not cite or distribute.

This chronology includes 16 ring width series from 12 ponderosa pines along the northern rim of Cook's Canyon. Sample depth in 1600 is 6 series from 3 trees, and cross dating is currently unreliable before 1700. The oldest tree has an inner ring date of 1504. The shortest series is 245 years. This chronology is preliminary, and will require additional sampling to improve its length, common signal strength, and cross dating.

Each ring width series was detrended using a negative exponential curve or straight line of 0 or negative slope. The green line below is a 25 year cubic smoothing spline which highlights low-frequency trends in the mean chronology.


The correlation of the 20th century portion of this chronology with Wyoming division 4 June precipitation and temperature and with May-July temperature and precipitation at several meteorological stations suggests that the entire chronology will be a good a proxy for regional drought stress and precipitation.

A conspicuous period of stressed growth occurred in the 1890s in these ponderosa pines. This period is exaggerated in the chronology because most of the series are missing one or more rings in that decade.

There is similarity in low-frequency variation between this chronology and the Trapper and Inferno chronologies (see Synthesis).






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