Workshop Schedule


Wednesday June 20    
2 - 5 pm **


Brooker House

5:00 pm

Welcome and Introductions Bicentennial Hall 538

6:00 pm

Reception Ross Fireplace Lounge
6:45 pm
Welcome to Vermont Dinner Ross Fireplace Lounge

7:45 pm

Sheila Weaver

Ross B11
Thursday June 21    
7 - 8:15 am
Breakfast Ross Dining Hall
8:30 am
Focus on Service Learning: Charles Hadlock, followed by Bicentennial Hall 538

Panel Discussion, with Charles Hadlock, Kate Dantsin, Jon Isham, and Jeanne Montross

Formation of Working Groups Bicentennial Hall 538
12:30 pm
Lunch Ross Fireplace Lounge
Andy Miller Bicentennial Hall 538
Working Groups BH 464, 503, Armstrong library
Dinner Ross Fireplace Lounge
Tom Pfaff Ross B11
Friday June 22    
7-8:15 am
Breakfast Ross Dining Hall
Convene for Progress Reports Bicentennial Hall 538


12:30 pm
Lunch Ross Fireplace Lounge
Working Groups BH 463, 503, Armstrong library
Convene for Progress Reports BH 538
Dinner Downtown
Saturday June 23    
7 - 9:00 am
Breakfast Ross Dining Hall
Next Steps Bicentennial Hall 538

**If you will be arriving at a different time, please contact Priscilla Bremser.

Just a little about our contributors:

Sheila O'Leary Weaver is Senior Lecturer in the Mathematics & Statistics Department at the University of Vermont. She was a participant in the Lafayette MSJ Workshop, and will be introducing us to her course in Mathematics and Social Justice.

Charles Hadlock is Professor of Mathematics at Bentley College and the editor of Mathematics in Service to the Community: Concepts and Models for Service-learning in the Mathematical Sciences (MAA Notes, 2005).

Jon Isham is Luce Professor of International Environmental Economics at Middlebury College. He has supervised students in many service-learning projects over the past six years, and is a Northern New England Service Learning Faculty Consultant.

Kate Dantsin is Learn & Serve Project Manager at the Pennsylvania Campus Compact. She is also a former community partner for Lafayette College service-learning projects.

Andrew Miller is Assistant Professor of Mathematics and the Assistant Director of Teaching Center at Belmont University. He teaches a general education mathematics course which includes a unit on income inequality. Andy was also participant in the Lafayette Workshop.

Jeanne Montross is Executive Director of Addison County Community Action Group (ACCAG), which operates an emergency food shelf, thrift shop, and reuse center, and is involved in affordable housing initiatives. Jeanne has been a community partner with several of Jon Isham's students.

Tom Pfaff is Associate Professor of Mathematics at Ithaca College. He has incorporated sustainability themes into calculus courses; see his sustainability page for more information.

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