The Keys to The Solomon Key


In the fall of 2007 I taught a seminar at Middlebury College to explore some of the issues surrounding Dan Brown's future novel. The result was a set of papers and presentations presented here for the day when the novel does appear. The students as well as I are proud of the results. We also wish to express our gratitude to those who helped make this course and these projects a success: Judy Watts and Shel Sax who offered assistance on library and technical resources,  and Maddie Terry, our writing tutor who helped make these better papers. (Click on the title for the paper, on the name for the Power Point supplement).




DARPA and the IAO

Dariel Bennett


Egyptian Influences in Washington D.C.

Naomi Berkins


Leon Templo and The New Temple

Olivia Cooney


Bacon and Jefferson

Jamal Davis


Masonic Symbols in Washington D.C.

Pamela Dugan


Benjamin Franklin

Sam Harrison


Albert Pike

James Levins


The Forbidden City and Washington D.C.

Xuefeng Liao


The Knights Templar

Kalie Mix



The Essenes

Lauren Redfield


The Great Seal

Andy Singer


Skull and Bones

Charles Taft


Marina Tokoro


Skull and Bones

Jessica Ward


Francis Bacon

Anna Zauner