Moon. The third stage of development, after Saturn and Sun. "During the Moon evolution, when the astral flows into the physical body, the latter attains a further degree of condensation at a definite time and reaches a state that may be compared with the density of a present-day fluid. This state may be called "water.'" Steiner, Occult Science (148-149).

Novelung The word Nowelung does not conform to any German word I could identify. Nor does Novelung, but it may be Bely's attempt to build upon the German word stem "novel" meaning "new," or perhaps he remembered the word "Nebelung" related to darkness. (German Nebel is "fog.) There is a curious interconnection between "Nebel" in Nebelmond and the "Nov" "November." German "Nibelungen" were medieval tales. A note on Bely's German, He did, of course, attend many lectures by Steiner and he was capable of reading and commenting on Steiner's works, such as his writings about Goethe. There are notes in German in Bely's hand, but often his writing contains errors. Thus, for example, he uses the word "Fliegel" for Flügel." I am grateful to Taja Gut who helped me to identify such errors in Bely's own hand.

luna Latin "moon."

lune French "moon."

lumen Latin "light, radiance."

luna Russian "moon."

Mond German "moon."

mensis Latin "period between moons, a lunar month, a zodiacal month."