Schedule of Assignments

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Feb. 10 Introduction to the Man and His Work

Feb. 12 The Gambler


Feb. 17 Notes From the Underground

Feb. 19 Notes From the Underground


Feb. 24 Crime and Punishment, I,II

Feb. 26 Crime and Punishment, III

March 2 Crime and Punishment, IV,V

March 4 Crime and Punishment, VI, Epilogue


March 9 Idiot, I

March 11 Idiot, II

March 16 Idiot, III

March 18 Idiot, IV


March 30 Demons I

April 1 Demons II

April 6 Demons III

April 8


April 13 The Adolescent, I

April 15 The Adolescent, II

April 20 The Adolescent, III

April 22


April 27 The Brothers Karamazov, I,

April 29 The Brothers Karamazov, II

May 4 The Brothers Karamazov, III

May 6 The Brothers Karamazov, IV