Week One-9/7-11


Sept. 7.

In class: Introduction, Names, Step 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6

At home: Listen to Russian Now1.1. (LISTEN 10 times at least)

http://community.middlebury.edu/~beyer/publications/audio/russiannow.mpga or

http://www.youtube.com/trb47   Russian Now Step 1-5 (listen just to STEP one).

Read Grammar VK#1 (p.12). Write out on lined paper 1.6 three times.


Sept. 8

Goals: Russian fonts, web sites, www.rambler.ru.

Russian names for students-how to write them.

In class: Names, Step 1.4, 1.5, review Step 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6

At home: Listen and memorize Russian Now1.1 Write Exercise page 1 in workbook. Find a computer on campus that displays Russian at www.rambler.ru. Print out that home page, circle all the letters:

к, в, р, с, т


Sept. 9.

Goals: What’s your name? My name is…

Russian letters: у, б, д, з, л, м, н, ф, ь

First names and family names

In class: Names, Step 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.7

At home: Listen to Russian Now 2.1. Write out on lined paper 2.7 three times.


Sept. 10.

Goals: A brief hello, how are you.

Russian-English cognates

Hard and soft consonants. The Russian l, l'

In class: Step 2.4, 2.5, 2.6,  review  Step 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.7

At home: Listen and memorize Russian Now 2.1 Write Exercise page 2 in workbook. On the page from www.rambler.ru circle ten words that are similar in Russian and English and easily recognized.


Sept. 11.

Goals: What’s this?

Russian letters: й, г, ц, х, ш

Places of interest, Cities and rivers.

Vowel reduction. Nouns and gender.

In class: Step 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5

At home: Listen to and memorize Russian Now3.1. Read Grammar VK 3. Write out on lined paper 3.5 three times, write out Exercise Step 3.


Week Two-9/14-18


Sept. 14.

Goals: Reading and writing Russian, converting text to script.

Speaking and listening comprehension. 

Using  a Russian city map (www.nakarte.ru)

In class: Review of Steps 1-3. Dictation, writing from text. Examine Moscow city map on line. Find map for Novgorod. Copy and bring to class.

At home: Listen to Russian Now Steps 1 to 3. Re-read Grammar.

Review all written assignments. Write out each word from Vocabulary for Steps 1-3. Use 3”x5” index cards. Write the Russian forms on the lined side, write the English meaning on the reverse side. Ultimately you will have made your own complete set of flash cards for the course.


Sept. 15.

Goals: Check on all four skills. Reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension in Russian. Ability to recognize new words. Russian concept of motion and place with prepositions.

In class: Quiz on Steps 1-3. Examine authentic materials, maps, listings, internet resource materials. Preview verbs and prepositions from Step 4.

At home: Listen to Russian Now Steps 4.7. Read Step 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7. Write out all words from Step 4.1-4.7.


Sept. 16.

Goals: Russian letters: я, ю, щ, ж

Walking, riding, going somewhere. Where to?

In class: Steps 4.1-4.7. Dictation, writing from text. Examine Moscow city map on line.

At home: Listen to and memorize Russian Now Step 4.7. Write 4.13 three times and begin HW 4, to #3. Read Grammar explanations for Step 4.


Sept. 17.

Goals: Russian Verbs and personal pronouns. Overview and practice of walking, riding, going somewhere. Reading Russian signs.

In class: Steps 4.7-4.12. Russia Today signs.

At home: Do the section on signs at www.middlebury.edu/~Beyer/RT



Sept. 18.

Goals: Review of motion concepts and practice with maps.

In class: Repeat Step 4 all, and use authentic materials.

                        Preview Step 5. Place where, and what I do.

At home: Listen to all texts so far up to 4.7. Complete HW 4. 

Week Three-9/21-25

Sept. 21.

Goals: Russian letter щ. Who is doing what where?

Verbs of doing, prepositional case after prepositions of location.

In class: Practice 5.1-5.3. Make personal expanding on what we know to personalized vocabulary.

At home: Listen to 5.4. Read grammar for Step 5.  Write out on lined paper 5.7 three times. Find on rambler the names of ten newspapers or magazines (СМИ и периодика) and write them out. Write out all the words in Step 5.1 from vocabulary. 


Sept. 22.

Goals: What are they doing at the lake?

The verbs “to do,” “to listen to,” “to rest or relax,” “to read.”

In class: Practice 5.4-5.6. What do you do? What do you read and listen to? Where do you vacation or relax?

At home: Listen to 5.4 and memorize the dialogue. Write out the remaining words from Step 5. Write HW Step 5.


Sept. 23.

Goals: Russian letters я, э.  Who lives and works where?

Verbs “to work” and “to live.” Names and patronymics.

In class: Practice 6.1-6.3, 6.7. Make personal expanding on what we know to personalized vocabulary of students’ families.

At home: Read grammar for Step 6.  Write out on lined paper 6.7 three times. Locate the web page of the Russian government and write out fully the names (first, patronymic and family name) of ten government officials—try to include several women. 


Sept. 24.

Goals: Giving a tour. What does Novgorod have? What does Middlebury or your home town have? Names of places of interest, places one works at.

In class: Practice 6.4-6.6. Make personal expanding to home towns and Middlebury. Use existing vocabulary but add as necessary for passive recognition.

At home: Re-Read the grammar up to Step 6, this time beginning at page 6.  Write out HW 6.

Download Google Earth, Find Saint Sophia Cathedral on the map of the earth.


Sept. 25.

Goals: Review of the alphabet and material learned

Recognizing Russian printed text, script, bold, italics,


In class: Do 6.8. Review all of Step 6. Bring in a variety of materials with different typefaces.

At home: Write out all the words for Step 6.  Make a sign for your door using your Russian name and artistic talents. Bring it to class to be checked. Listen once again to all the texts and exercises on the cassette up to the end of Step 6.

Week Four-9/28-10/2

Sept. 28.

Goals: Going to a concert. What do students do?

                        Russian cases and predictable variations in endings.

In class: Do work on Lesson 1 O, A.1-A3.

At home: Review for Test on Introductory lessons. You should be prepared to read and write Russian. The best preparation is to have done the work every day and participated actively in all classes. The next best preparation is to examine everything you have done to date.



Sept. 29.

Goals: Review mastery of materials from Steps 1-6. Have goals been achieved? Can I recognize and read familiar and unfamiliar words in Russian?  Can I convert to Cyrillic script printed letters? Can I spell correctly Russian words learned to date? Can I participate in basic introductory situations, listening for information and asking and answering questions about me and my family?

In class: Complete Test on Steps 1-6. Introduce verbs to speak and stand. Second conjugation.

At home: Listen to Lesson 1.A.1; read grammar for 1A. Write out all the words for Lesson 1.A.


Sept. 30.

Goals: What I like to do! What I actually do. Talking about something or someone. Expanding on the verbs to love and to listen to include subjects in college, courses I take (or listen to). Learn a Russian song and rock group.

In class: Lesson 1.A.1-5. Intensive practice of verbs to speak, love, stand, watch, look at,  do (or make)  and live, also using direct objects in accusative case, and use of “o” plus prepositional case.

At home: Listen to and memorize Lesson 1.A.1; Write HW 1.A. Check Internet for Moscow University www.mgu.ru. What courses or major subjects are they offering that you are taking?

Find and examine website for Dima Bilan in Russian.


Oct. 1.

Goals: My name is… What’s yours? I live in …… Where do you live? Where are we going?

In class: Supp. Lesson 1.A.1-3. Review all verbs learned to date. Preview  days of the week. MP3s and other internet resources in class.

At home: Read grammar 1.B. Write out each word for 1.B.


Oct. 2.

Goals: A schedule, days of the week, objects. It’s mine, it’s yours.

In class: Lesson 1.B. 1-6. Supp Lesson 1-4. Preview and add words for students to do their own real schedule of courses. Work on possession and objects, adding those for dorm rooms by using an English to Russian dictionary. http://www.rambler.ru/  See словари.

At home: Read Grammar 1.V; Write HW 1.B.



Week Five-10/5-10/9

Oct 5.

Goals: John’s, Mary’s, a student of…., talking to someone, approaching someone. The genitive and dative cases.

In class: Lesson 1.V. 1-7. Intensive use of genitive and dative, indicating how the cases are formed.

At home: Review Grammar 1.V 12-14; Write out all words for 1.V. Find the music and words for a Russian rock group. Using www.afisha.ru find out what is playing next week at a Moscow theater for Friday and Saturday evenings. Print out the pages and bring to class.



Oct. 6.

Goals: Doing something with someone. The instrumental case. Putting all the cases and verb conjugations together to understand, read, speak and write Russian.

In class: Lesson 1.V. 8-14. Intensive use of instrumental case, indicating how the cases are formed. Review the entire sequence. Make in class cards for formation of cases in all three genders. Check on web assignment.

At home: Print out neat cards in Russian script of all the cases. Personalize for your own name and name of a friend. Read grammar 1.V.15-16. Write HW 1V.1-3. Write cards for vocab in 1G.


Oct. 7.

Goals: Gogol and his “nose.” Listening to and reading a full page of text and answering questions on that text. Writing a letter. The animate accusative.

In class: Lesson 1.G and Supp Lesson 1. 5-8. Cover writing of a letter and talking about literature. Strategies for maximizing one’s vocabulary into complete thoughts.

At home: Listen to 1.G (Can you memorize it?) Write HW 1.V.4-6.


Oct. 8.

Goals: Describing scenes of action. Actions of, to, with, about, on or in. How to construct complete Russian thoughts and express them. Always knowing what form I want or need and how to make it.

In class: Lesson 1.D and Supp Lesson 1. 9-10.

At home: Listen to all of Lesson 1. Review all the grammar to date.  Type out a schedule of your classes in Russian. Write a letter similar to the one in the Supp. Lesson.


Oct. 9.

Goals: Mastering language-grammar, spelling, vocab, and using them to make meaning.

In class: Review all of Lesson 1. Answer any questions on Lesson 1.

At home: Listen to all of Lesson 1. Reread Lesson 1. Review Flash cards, and returned assignments. Review all the grammar to date. Finish writing assignment in alphabet book.


Week Six-10/14-10/16


Oct. 14.

Goals: Counting from 1-30.

In class: Lesson 2.O. Quick review of Lesson 1. Answer any remaining questions on Lesson 1.

At home: review.


Oct. 15.

Goals: Measuring mastery

In class: Test on Lesson 1.

At home: Listen to Lesson 2.A.1. Read Grammar 2.O, 2.A.18-20. Write out cards for Lesson 2.0 and HW 2.O.


Oct. 16.

Goals: How old are you? I’m ____ years old.

Dative of pronouns. Russian years and summers.

In class: Supp. Lesson 2.1; Lesson 2.A.1-3. Review other cases of pronouns and nouns in context. Return and review Exam.

At home: Listen to 2.A.1. Read Grammar 2 A 18-21. Write out flash cards for numbers 1-39.







Week Seven-10/19-10/23


Oct. 19.

Goals: Whom do you know? Friends of someone. I have or I don’t have it. Describing possession or lack of something in Russian.

In class: Lesson 2.A.4-7; Supp. Lesson 2.2-3.

At home: Listen and memorize 2.A.1. Read Grammar 2 A 22-23 Write HW 2.A.


Oct. 20.

Goals: Russian geography. Listening and reading.

In class: Lesson 2.B.1-2.; Use real maps to expand real

life knowledge. Use www.nakarte.ru or Google Earth for additional practice.

At home: Write out on cards all the words for sections 2.A and B.


Oct. 21.

Goals: Who’s who in my family? What do they do, where do they live?

In class: Lesson 2.B.3-6; Supp Lesson 2.4-5. Go beyond the text to speak of real families, places and relationships.

At home: Write HW 2B.


Oct. 22.

Goals: Who has what? Who’s here? Who’s not? With, about and to whom! Cases of the pronouns.

In class: Lesson 2.V.1-5. List objects one has in her/his room. Intensive practice on prepositions and cases of pronouns. Do a card on pronouns for ready reference.

At home: Read grammar 2.V. 24-25. Write all words from Lesson 2V.


Oct. 23.

Goals: With, about and to whom! Review cases of the pronouns.

In class: Lesson 2.V.6-11; Supp Lesson 2.6-9. Review and intensive practice on prepositions and cases of pronouns. Provide a model for out of class practice.

At home: Read grammar 2.V. 26-28. HW 2V. Also prepare a card for each close family relative. Name (first and last), where they live, work, do, hobbies, etc.

Week Eight-10/26-10/30


Oct. 26.

Goals: Writing a friendly letter. Talking about the weather. Finding the Russian weather sites. Making sense of them.

In class: Lesson 2.G. 1-3. Listen, then read the letter. Construct your own on a similar basis.

At home: Write all words from Lesson 2G. Find and copy a page on Moscow or St Petersburg weather. What words/concepts do you need to follow the weather report?


Oct. 27.

Goals: Listening and comprehending numbers, ages, temperatures, etc. 

In class: Lesson 2.G. 4-7; Supp lesson 2. 10-13. . Weather, ages, chronology. Strategies-what the reader/listener provides.

At home: Repetition and review of the entire Lesson.


Oct. 28.

Goals: Summing up what we have learned using numbers and pronouns in all the cases

In class: . Review the concept of nouns in cases-why and what forms. Go through major parts of Lesson 2.

At home: Repetition and review of the entire Lesson. Prepare for Exam.


Oct. 29.

Goals: Measuring mastery of concepts in Lessons 1-2.

In class: Test on Lessons 1-2.

At home: Listen to lesson 3.A.1. Read Grammar 3.A. 29. Write out cards for 3.A.


Oct. 30.

Goals: Russian living conditions. The city of Novgorod. What kind of something? Assigning qualities and descriptions to objects. Russian adjectives.

In class: Lesson 30, 3A, 1-3. Adjectives as a recognizable form, spelling conventions.

At home: Listen and memorize Lesson 3.A.1. Write out cards for 3.B.  Check out the web site www.novgorod.ru for information on Detinets and St Sophia’s Cathedral. Bring copies of pages to class with you on Monday.



Week Nine-11/2-11/6


Nov. 2.

Goals: What does a city or town have? What does this town/your town have? How many of them?

In class: Lesson 3.A.4-7

At home: Read Grammar 3/A30-33. Write HW 3.A


Nov. 3.

Goals: A Russian Apartment. Your home or apartment. Your room and what it has, here and at home.

In class: Lesson 3.B .1-7. Individualize for students.

At home: Read Grammar 3V. Write HW 3.B. 1-2.


Nov. 4.

Goals: Talking about yourself, us and them.

In class: Lesson 3.V .1-5. Supp. Lesson 3. 1-4.

At home: Read Grammar 3V. Write HW 3.B. 3.3-5.


Nov. 5.

Goals: Who and what is where? Where and whither?

In class: Lesson 3.V .6-10.

At home: Pre-listen and listen to 3.G.1. Re-read Grammar 3V. Write HW 3.V. Find and copy announcements of apartments in Moscow for rent or exchange. 


Nov. 6.

Goals: Who and what is where? Where and whither?

In class: Lesson 3.G .1-4.

At home: Write cards for all words in Lesson 3. V,G.



Week Ten-11/9-13


Nov. 9.

Goals: Who’s with whom? What about them?

In class: Supp. Lesson 3.3-3.8. review Lesson for Test.

At home: Write HW 3.G. 


Nov. 10.

Goals: Measuring mastery of Lesson 3.

In class: Test on Lesson 3.

At home: Listen to Lesson 4.A.1; Read Grammar 4.0.  


Nov. 11.

Goals: What time is it? 

In class: Lesson 4.0. Telling time in Russian. Film Kalina Krasnaya

At home: Read Grammar 4.A. Write out cards for Lesson 4.0. Write HW 4.0.


Nov. 12.

Goals: What is my day like? Keeping a diary. 

In class: Lesson 4.A.1-3. Telling time in Russian. Intensive practice of verb forms with consonant mutation. Film Kalina Krasnaya

At home: Listen to 4.A.1. Read Grammar 4.A.38. Write out cards for Lesson 4.0. Write out words for 4.A. VERB CARDS


Nov. 13

Goals: What I do every day. 

In class: Lesson 4.A.4-6. Supp Lesson 4. 1-3. Second conjugation verbs-Perfect practice makes perfect!

At home: Listen to 4.B.1. Re-read Grammar 4.A.38. Write out cards for Lesson 4.A. Write HW 4.A.


Week Eleven-11/16-20



Goals: What’s for dinner? Russian foods. What I eat and drink.

In class: Lesson 4.B.1-3. Repeat Supp Lesson 4. 1-3. Verbs to eat and drink with direct objects.

At home: Listen to and memorize 4.B.1. Write out cards for Lesson 4.B. Write HW 4.A.


Nov. 17.

Goals: Things I like to eat.

In class: Lesson 4.B.4-5. Supp Lesson 4. 4-5. Review verbs to eat and drink with direct objects.

At home: Listen again to 4.B.1. Write out cards for Lesson 4.V. Type out a menu including foods you really enjoy. Check restaurant menus on www for Moscow restaurants.


Nov. 18.

Goals: Cooking in a Russian home. What I want to do.

In class: Lesson 4.V.1-3. Review verb “to want.”

At home: Write out cards for Lesson 4.G. Can you find a Russian grocery store on line? What can you order? Type out a shopping list of foods you really enjoy.


Nov. 19.

Goals: Cooking in a Russian home. What I want to do. How I do it. Adverbs.

In class: Lesson 4.V.4-7; Supp Lesson 4.4-5.

At home: Listen to 4.G.1. HW 4.V.3,4,5.


Nov. 20.

Goals: Listening and reading a complete text.

In class: Lesson 4.G.1. Strategies in identifying key elements of a text.

At home: Listen to 4.G.1. Can you memorize it? HW 4.V.1,2,6.


Week Twelve-11/23-24


Nov. 23

In class: Lesson 4.G.2-5. Supp. Lessons 4. 6-7.

At home: Memorize Poem by A. Fet, 4.D.2. Write HW 4.G



Nov. 24                      Test on Lesson 4.


At home: Review all material from Steps 1-6

and Lesson 1.


Week Thirteen-11-30/12-4



Nov. 30                      Review Steps 1-6, Lesson 1

At Home                  Review Lesson 2, 3


Dec. 1   Review Lesson 2, 3

At Home                  Review All Reading and Listening materials


Dec. 2   Review Grammar and Supplementary


Dec. 3   Speaking and writing exam


Dec. 4                                             Listening exam