Ayrefare (2007)

1. Psallite (Praetorius)
2. O Magnum Mysterium (de Victoria)
3. Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno (Arcadelt)
4. La la la, je ne l'ose dire (Certon)
5. Weep O Mine Eyes (Bennet)
6. Four Hands, two necks, one wreathing (Weelkes)
7. Cucu, Cucu! (del Encina)
8. Dindirin, Dindirin (Anonymous)
9. Alla riva del Tebro (Palestrina)
10. April is in my Mistress' face (Morley)
11. Now is the month of Maying (Morley)
12. Fair Phyllis I Saw Sitting (Farmer)
13. And So it Goes (Billy Joel) (solo: James Tresner)
14. That Lonesome Road (James Taylor) (solo: Teddy Crecelius)

Ayrefare was recorded in 2007 at historic Mead Chapel in Middlebury, Vermont. This album includes some all-time favorite madrigals along with two contemporary hits sung by some of Middlebury College's most talented.

Ayrefare CD (2007)
$10 at Middlebury College Bookstore



but we can sing... (1999)

1. Fair Phyllis I saw sitting (Farmer)
2. All ye who Music love (Donato)
3. I will not leave you comfortless (Titcomb)
4. Full fathom five (Johnson)
5. Blow the Candles out (Traditional)
6. Though Philomela lost her love (Morley)
7. Ah, Robyn (Cornysh)
8. Mon coeur se recommande a vous (Lassus)
9. Il bianco e dolce cigno (Arcadelt)
10. I love my love (Traditional)
11. I though that Love had been a boy (Byrd)
12. I have ere this time (Whythorne)
13. O Magnum Mysterium (de Victoria)
14. Exsultate Deo (Scarlatti)
15. Adoramus Te (Palestrina)
16. Psallite (Praetorius)
17. Deo gratias (Byrd)
18. Vive L'Amour (Traditional)
19. Sing we and chant it (Morley)

"...but we can sing" was released in 2000. It features all eleven members of '99 Mt. Ayres. Recorded by Trod Nossel Prod. in Connecticut, the album has 19 classic madrigals in a professional yet fun compact disc format. It is available for sale at $10 including shipping.

but we can sing... CD (1999)
$8 via Middlebury College Bookstore



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