Create a 5—8 minute presentation on your mathematician, accompanied by a one-page handout. The handout should include:

On The Front:

1) A fun picture of our new friend

2) Basic biographical information-- who, what, where kind of stuff, but try to make it personal. Make your mathematician sound like a real person. Tell us about his personality, likes and dislikes, friends and foes, careers not taken, etc. Bonus points for making us laugh and/or giving us something we will remember.

3) Let us know of any relationships (student, advisor, intellectual rival) he might have with others on the list. This will get easier later in the semester when we know more people.


On The Back:

Some bit of mathematics written in the notation of the day. Ideally this would be something related to the business of our class. The point is not to teach us the mathematics – we just want to see what it looks like "played on period instruments." How has the notation changed? What ideas/concepts might we be able to recognize?

First-person quotes are also interesting and encouraged. These can go on the front or the back – wherever they best fit. Perhaps something from a letter or a lecture where your mathematician is discussing a topic that we are studying.


The presentation should quickly take us through what's on the page, highlighting your favorite discoveries. There are two inviolable rules:

** handout must only be one page **

**presentations may not exceed 8 minutes **

Keep it fun/short. Don't try to tell us everything – just tell us something that will enlighten us and humanize the subject of analysis. Bring copies of your handout so that we all get one. If you have any trouble with your copy budget you can find me before class and I will make them for you.