MATH323 Real Analysis: Spring 2014


Course description and policies

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Historical Presentation guidelines

Schedule of presentations/topics


Office hours: Mon, Tues, Wed. and Thurs 2--3; also Wed at 11, or by appointment. Note that Warner 402 is only reachable using the righthand staircase when you come into the building.


Due Feb 14: Handout on Euler's formula and Taylor series from class. You are welcome to work with a partner on this one and hand in a single paper.

Due Feb 19: problem set #1

Due Feb 27: problem set #2

Due Mar 5: problem set #3 plus Exercise 2.4.1 from the text.

Due Mar 10: problem set #4

Due Mar 14: problem set #5

Due Mar 21: pledged problem set #1


Due April 2: problem set #6

Due April 8: problem set #7

Due April 18: problem set #8 with added MVT problem.

Due April 23: problem set #9

Due May 5: pledged problem set #2


Due May 9: Exercise 7.2.6, Exercise 7.4.4, Exercise 7.4.3 (excluding the proof that f is integrable)